Defending Donna Osborne Taylor Mazarky

Ethos: Clinton Osborne's father testified for him, against Donna Osborne, with the proof of significance saying, "Clinton Osborne was my son" (Powell) these people need to realize who to trust and who to not trust. Lynn Johnson, a professor of law at Yale Law School. Brings up the theory of the "battered wife" and mentions that she could have left the home at any time, called for help, nothing was keeping her in the household but herself. if she was truly miserable u would think she would want to leave, but she never tried.

  • pathos: ms Osborne states, " hes in the garage... dead... he was going to kill us, i had to stop him." (Powell) she says she was only defending herself and that he was going to hurt her and her son... she said that he would "put an end to Donna's affair and career."(pappas)
  • He wrote a goodbye letter to her as if he was planning suicide, or planning to kill her, and it was his farewell since he didn't have the gut to say it in person.

Logos: she was the "battered wife" in the household. it went from verbal abuse to physical abuse and he was very controlling of her. keeping her all to himself and not allowing her to be with her friends at all. at one point he even pushed her down and threw a baseball at her. Right after that he was a lot nicer for a while but he got abusive again.

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