The Global Eye By: Nooriya Taherbhoy AND amelia tan

Endangerment of the Bengal Tiger and the Black Rhino

By: Nooriya Taherbhoy

The Black Rhino lives in Eastern and Central Africa. In the 20th century, both the Black Rhino and the Bengal Tiger were at the hands of the merciless settlers who killed both animals for money and known medicine. Now a days, we poach the Bengal Tiger for their skin rugs and body parts for Asian medicine and the Black Rhino’s for their ivory horns that people make money out off. There are about 2, 500 Bengal Tigers remaining and about 5,000 Black Rhino’s remaining. To prevent any further damage to both these animals, we should stop making things that please us to help these poor animals. We can start making Asian medicine without any tiger body parts as well as fashion for that matter but we should also stop worrying about money especially since it is coming out of killing an animal for its horns.

This poached rhino horn is over $5 million in the black market

The Black Rhino, Diceros Bicornis, as well as the Bengal Tiger, Panthera Tigris Tigris have both been critically endangered since the 20th century. They have both been poached for their body parts in the black market. National Geographic states “Tigers are icons of beauty, power, and the importance of conservation” as well as “Tigers are the largest member of the cat family and are renowned for their power and strength”. National Geographic also states “Black Rhino’s, like this beauty in Aberdare National Park, Kenya are critically endangered”.


Black Market- A place where people sell things that are illegal

Diceros Bicornis- The species of the Black Rhino

Endangerment- When an animals is close to being extinct

Icon- A symbol of something

Ivory- The horns of an elephant or rhino

Merciless- Showing no sadness or pity

Panthera Tigris Tigris- The species of the Bengal Tiger

Poach- To kill an animal for their features or body parts

Renowned- To know something as

Stealthy- A way of sneaking around without making any big noises

What Happens to Animals in Shelters

By: Nooriya Taherbhoy

Poor Puppy!

Do you know about animal’s lives when they live in shelters? Not many people do. If people knew what animals in shelters go through, they would never drop them in a shelter at all. In shelters, animals go through a lot, mostly because of euthanizing. Euthanizing is when an animal is killed alive. It is very cruel to euthanize an animal and especially in a shelter. Isn’t a shelter supposed to keep animals safe? Sure they might rescue animals from animal control or collect a stray but what is the point to rescue an animal you are going to kill. Is it to show other people that they are caring? Or is it to show that they will take care of your animal? I don’t know but what I do know is to never put your animal in a shelter because you are basically leaving them in a dog’s worst nightmare.

Let me tell you: "I was tied up to a fence, with scratches and missing pieces of fur. I was in the hot sun with no food or water. Then I heard a sound. The sound of metal clicking and metal breaking. I was free! I was finally free but before I could start walking, I was scooped up and put inside a cage. I had one burning question: Where was I going? I was sleeping but woke up to the sound of a door opening, the truck door opening. I was dragged inside and was put inside a larger cage but with another dog. That dog was then dragged out and I saw a person dragging him around the corner. Five seconds later, I heard yelps of terror and then I saw that dog, now dead being thrown into the dumpster. I was then dragged out and examined for any possible disease. Then I looked in the mirror. I saw myself with scratches and a half broken ear. I looked like the dog I was sharing the cage with. I felt myself being dragged in the same direction as that other poor dog. I then started yelping in pain and before I realized that I was dying I remembered thinking this would be a new home turned out to be my worst nightmare."

What do other people think about this? Some people say it is better to kill an animal because it is already injured. Some say that there are many more dogs in the world. Some say that killing anything is bad. What do you think about this horrible idea of killing animals?

The United States is contributing to their own children's deaths with their gun control

By: Amelia Tan

Gun laws are just as bad as guns themselves

The United States has terrible gun laws for the protection of their citizens. Every year thousands of americans, including children die at the barrel of a gun. It used to be uncommon many children to die due to guns, but these days the amount of people dying is astonishing.

As the New York Times pointed out, the death rates are so far apart it is amazing that the U.S. has any children left at all. We have some of the worst gun laws which are part of why we have an abundance of gun deaths every year. According to the New York Times’ article “How To Buy A Gun In 16 Countries”, other than Yemen we have the most relaxed gun laws. All they consist of is, “1Pass an instant background check that considers criminal convictions, domestic violence and immigration status. 2Buy a gun.” Do you see how bad our gun laws are? I mean we can’t even do a full background check! All we have is an instant background check.

We are practically killing our next generation by giving too much power to the old days and the constitution, giving us all the right to bear arms, and as we seem to see it, not just guns for defense, but guns for murder. And murder we do.

Sri Lanka is in high defense after the terror attacks that have left their country in a state of distress

By: Amelia Tan

Map from the Eighth Edition of the Oxford Atlas of the World

On Easter Sunday suicide bombers went into Sri Lanka’s churches and hotels, killing hundreds of church goers and vacationers from around the world, leaving thousands of others mourning their deaths.

Caption by Amelia Tan, Picture taken from New York Times article


Sri Lankan officials are claiming that the attacks were organized by the terrorist group National Thowheed Jamath, even though ISIS has claimed responsibility without proof. The bombers carried backpacks that are said to have been filled with explosives, into the places of worship and hotels. We currently believe that the attacks were in retaliation for the mosque attack in New Zealand earlier this year.

The Sri Lankan government was warned of the possible attacks but chose not to inform the people of the possible threat. According to CNN, “April 11 warning that the Indians sent to the Sri Lankan authorities about the possibility of church bombings.” The Sri Lankans must have ignored this and CNN also claims that, “The Indians repeated the warning just hours before the bombings, telling the Sri Lankans that an attack was imminent, according to an Indian official.”

The bombers are said to be well educated and middle class people. While most of the bombers were male at least one was a woman. The Sri Lankan government has made at least 70 arrests of people they believe were associated with the terror attacks.


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