Misunderstood Morghan's Story

On the left is other peoples point of view of Morghan. On the right is Morghan's perspective.
My story is about Morghan who is an energetic, outgoing and caring girl. Morghan inspired me because she often gets misunderstood. I hope this project will be able to show that you should not be so quick to judge someone by their appearance and actions.
Every action Morghan makes has an explanation but from far away with her “basic” appearance it may be harder for people to be empathetic or understanding of why she does what she does.
Just waving hi to her someone could think she's having a good day and was happy that morning.
By sitting down with her you could find out something really stressful that happened the night before and is really bothering her. Now when you see her getting really upset about a bad grade or forgetting her lunch, it won't seem like an overreaction but the tip of an iceberg.

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