Richard III and Lancaster and York

The houses of Lancaster and York

The houses of Lancaster and York had different colored roses. The house of Lancaster had a Red Rose and York had a White Rose.

Henry VI Vs Edward IV

Henry's army was in a war with Edward's and later as Henry was king he went insane and Henry Tudor married Edwards daughter and he fought in the war for Edward and died.

Richard III guilty or not

In my opinion I think that he is guilty because this all happened when he was running for king. And they mysteriously died right when they were about to be king.

The battle of bosworths field

The battle of Bosworths field was where Richard III died against Henry and they found the body of him in a parking lot at Leicester 527 years later.

Henry Tudor and The house of Tudor

Henry Tudor married Edward IV's daughter and they fought for Edwards side and soon after that after Henry died they made a house to show his life.


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