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Layden Stallings

120 Selwin Road Belvidere, NC 27919

(252) 337-5888


  • To provide hard work to succeed all challenges


  • Perquimans County High School
  • June 2018 High School Graduate


  • Stallings Trucking INC. | 120 Selwin Rd.
  • Mechanic/ Farmer 2011 – Present
  • Preventive Maintenance on Eighteen Wheelers
  • Farm Manager with expertise in land management, crop growth, and equipment maintenance.


  • Mechanically-inclined
  • Quick learner
  • Strong problem solver
  • Harvesting
  • Land preparation

Recommendation Letters

Michael Cartwright- Perquimans County High School Fire Academy

November 16, 2016

To Whom It May Concern:

Please accept this letter as a formal recommendation for Layden Stallings. As a retired Deputy Chief of Elizabeth City Fire Department and presently the Chief of the Perquimans County Fire Fighter Academy, I have had the pleasure of getting to know Layden as he pursues his certification as a North Carolina Fire Fighter. Layden is a hard working and reliable student whom I can count on the carry out any directives either in or out of the classroom setting.

Layden would prove to be a huge benefit to either the work place or while attending a post high school graduation college or university. His temperament and character are such that he is easy to get along with and would definitely prove to be a team player.

Layden’s actions outside of the school system are also commendable as he volunteers his time as a fire fighter for his local volunteer fire department.

I feel that consideration for Layden into any venue, whether it is in a work setting or school setting would greatly benefit the institution as well as Layden.

Please do not hesitate to contact me if there are any questions.


Michael Cartwright

Fire Chief

Perquimans County High School Fire Fighter Academy

Ashley Winslow- Teacher

Lynette Baker- Teacher


John DeCastilla


Researched Prezi

Research Paper

Layden Stallings

Mr. Fipps

English IV Honors

Friday, November 18, 2016

English Research Paper

All About Me

From waking up early to going to bed late at night, we do it all on the farm. That is what I love to do. With my parents owning four eighteen wheelers, three chicken houses and farming about 1250 acres of land we stay pretty busy, at all times. I really like the farming career but, I do not think that is what I want to go to college for. I know some very successful farmers that never went to college to agriculture.

My hope is to attend ATI for their diesel mechanic school. I would love to have the knowledge to rebuild a diesel motor, in case I would ever have to do it on one of our trucks. I was born on May 9, 2000. My parents names are Jamie and Kelly Stallings. I have a eleven year old brother. Growing up on the farm I have been driving since I was big enough to touch the petals. I have always loved driving and trucks.

When I turned fifteen, all I could look forward to was getting my license so i made sure I got my permit on my fifteenth birthday. With my birthday falling on a Saturday that year, I had to search for a Department of Motor Vehicle that was open on a Saturday. So I searched all over the internet for a department who was open, I finally found out that Greenville DMV was open on the Saturday of my birthday. I made sure I was there as soon as the doors opened. I passed first time with no problem. My dad gave me a 2008 Chevy Silverado when I turned fifteen, so I could do all of the upgrades to it that I

wanted to. After I spend all of the money on it, and made it like I wanted I loved it. A week before I got my license, a guy came to my house and offered me an amount for it that I could not turn down. Now a week before my sixteenth birthday I do not have a truck anymore. I found a 2011 Ford F-250 that I bought. I really like this truck and I have put a lot of time and money into this truck.

In May 2016, I joined Belvidere Chappell Hill Volunteer Fire Department. This is a great opportunity to help my community, protect property, and potentially help save lives. In my school I am enrolled in Michael Cartwright’s, Fire Academy class. I really like his class and it helps me get a better insight on the fire service, and more training to better myself in the fire service. I really like being a firefighter, and payed departments allow plenty of time off to get an extra job or just relax. This could be a fall back plan or a plan when I get out of highschool.


With always having a passion in engines, that would be a great choice in colleges. As I search all over for colleges with a good diesel mechanic program, I stumbled over Advanced Technology Institute. College offers a lot of different options for a future, you can choose whatever career choice best suits what your interests. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, there is a high demand for diesel mechanics, with a twelve percent increase over the next 10 years. The demand for diesel mechanics will always be there. We live in such a fast paced world that people order online items, we have millions of grocery stores and ect. and without engines to get these items to the houses, store, restaurants there would be angry people.

I also have a passion with firefighting when I graduate high school I will be a certified North Carolina Firefighter, though Michael Cartwright's fire academy. If after college I want to become a career firefighter there is a local career fire station. Elizabeth City has a career fire station, that offers a good flexible schedule, usually firefighters work long and varied hours, many working about fifty hours a week. Some firefighters work twenty-four on duty and forty-eight to seventy-two off duty depending on the department.To have a job as a firefighter in the fire department, the individual just have a passion for the job, because the pay is not as good as the risk it takes to be a firefighter. According to the average annual pay is $45,250. With this flexible schedule I could be a career firefighter and a part time mechanic.


A diesel technician, also known as a diesel mechanic, works on various types of machines. Of these machines are automobiles, boats, bulldozers, tractors, and graders. The major parts of these machines that diesel mechanics focus upon is maintaining and repairing the engine. These mechanics have to know, and be able to use many tools in order to complete many of the day to day jobs they encounter.

Becoming a diesel mechanic’s education all depends. The minimum education required to become a diesel mechanic is a high school diploma. To increase your employment opportunities many two year colleges offer a diesel technician program.Some employers will actually offer this to new hires in order to make them a bigger asset to their company.

A diesel technician doesn’t have the highest income of mechanics but their salaries are decent enough to attract many people. Starting off at the training level an aspiring diesel technician usually makes anywhere from $25,000 to $30,000 annually. As a trainee one would be working under an experienced technician and perform routine service tasks and making minor repairs to engines. After two years of on the job experience, one will be promoted to a diesel technician status. At this level, the annual salary is anywhere between $30,000 and $50,000. At this level the diesel mechanic would be maintaining, repairing, and taking apart engines and will be working on brakes, transmissions, and electrical systems. Finally, after 8-10 years of experience, the last and final promotion available, under the diesel technician title is a master technician/service manager. This position brings in $50,000 plus a year. This position is where one will do very little mechanical work. This employee will be dealing with the customer and overseeing all operations and fulfilling administrative duties.

Diesel mechanics use many kinds of tools, including pliers, wrenches, screwdrivers, grinders, drills, and lathes. They also use testing equipment such as dynamometers, which measure engine power. Mechanics often lift heavy parts, so they should be in good physical condition.

Some mechanics do a variety of diesel engine repairs. Others specialize in rebuilding engines or in repairing fuel-injection systems, turbochargers, cylinder heads, or starting systems. Some also repair large natural gas engines used to power generators and other industrial equipment.


"Summary." U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, 15

Dec. 15. Web. 23 Nov. 2016.

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