Top 10 Portfolio Sydney Hood


During the duration of this class we, the students, were challenged to be our most creative selves. Many of the activities were challenging but, still enjoyable due to the creative twist. The following assignments and activities are my top ten overall from the course work.

A recap of the activities and opportunities we were able to experience in the class that were particularly interesting to me.

One of my favorite assignments was recognizing and forming patterns in photography. In which so we were instructed to take a picture in the classroom of a synthetic object, and then find a natural object that resembled the same pattern. This assignment elaborated on both of the creative thinking tools, recognizing patterns and forming patterns.

I appreciate photography and I enjoy taking pictures so I was excited to be able to incorporate that into the class. This assignment was not particularly challenging because after taking the picture of the synthetic light, it immediately reminded me of how the light shines through a palm frond.


Another assignment I enjoyed was the "I Am From ..." poem we wrote in class. I have always considered myself to be a visual artist but, this took me out of my creative comfort zone and introduced me to poetry as a form of art.

Poetry uses the creative thinking tool Empathizing because poetry uses a lot of emotion in the writing to express feeling. The reader has to empathize with the writer and what the writer is convening through their work.


Before this class I had seen Ted Talks but I had never enjoyed one before. Now one of my favorite videos is the Ted Talk by John Bohannon on presenting powerpoint with dance. As a dancer this was particularly intriguing to me. Not only was the concept innovative but the presentation he gave was very creative. The dancers were so interactive with him and his words. It was fascinating to watch as the dancers formed into what his words were describing.

This video relates to the critical thinking tool of Body Thinking. Body Thinking is unlike some of the other creative thinking tools because it is more physical. This video could also be an example of the creative thinking tool Playing. The dancers seem as though they are playing with each other on stage and with Bohannon as they form into human chairs for him and jump onto his back.


Abstract art has always been a mystery to me. In my own drawings and paintings I have to be very precise in order to be happy with the final product. In class I again stepped out of my creative comfort zone and attempted to make abstract art. With each drawing the image became more abstract but is still more precise than an actual abstract piece. The creative thinking tool used during this exercising is abstracting.


One of the most creatively challenging assignments was the 30 day challenge. It became difficult to continue to think of new ideas to make the piece for each day. I learned that I was more creative than I thought. I also learned that I enjoy making collages.


The 30 days challenge was a great way for me to experience new forms of art that I had never tried before such as, calligraphy. I would have never tried any form of lettering on my own.


Another aspect of the 30 days challenge that I enjoyed was during the first 10 days I was able to paint again. I used to paint a lot when I was in an art class but, it has been years. This assignment have me an excuse to go buy a canvas and paint again.


Some of the more interactive activities in the class were both entertaining and intriguing. The task of building a tall structure with only straws, paperclips, and tape was challenging in itself. Then two of our team members were given a disability which, made the task even more difficult. We had to work together in order to design a tall structure that would stand. This involved a lot of team building and empathizing with the peers assigned a disability.


An activity we did in class that I enjoyed was the geometric tiles activity. I had used the tiles in math before but never to make different shaped objects based on a picture. Making these objects was actually very challenging.

The creative thinking tool associated with this would be playing. There was no other purpose for the tiles in that moment than to play a picture matching game. Other creative thinking tools that could be associated with this is recognizing and forming patterns.


The most interesting assignment in the class was the 3D prototyping project. Although my group did not use the 3D printer I wish that we would have gotten the opportunity to do so. The project overall was very engaging and it was interesting to use devices we would have otherwise never gotten to use. It made IA feel more exclusive.

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