George Washington Mikayla Benjamin

What in his past makes him a good president of the country?

  • He was Commander of the Continental Army without pay
  • He attended his men(soldiers) and stayed by them

Why his cabinet is experienced and what they will be doing to help the country?

  • He picked people from different regions of the country
  • They help the country by protection, having communication with other countries. and making sure the president doesn't break any laws and does what he is suppose to do

Why will Jefferson and Hamilton be great cabinet picks?

  • Hamilton was good with business and industry
  • Jefferson was great with communication

Why the Elastic clause is vital for the country?

  • Because it allows Congress to make laws it needs to carry out its own powers.

How Washington and Hamilton will work to get us out of debt?

  • Making a national bank

Why D.C. is a good location for the capital of the U.S.?

  • Population
  • Financial economy

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