Trip to the Florida Museum of Natural History by Carmen Florez

Indigenous Women's Festival Wear from the Andes

To me, the most appealing exhibit was the one on the Andes Mountain range. My birthplace is actually very close to the Andes so I've always been fascinated by th mountain range. Nevertheless, I was raised a city girl, both in Colombia and in the US, so what I know about the Andes and its cultural is very little. In fact, I rarely considered the fact that there are whole communities of people that live in the mountain range. The exhibit took up an entire one side of a hallway and showed museum goers various outfits and accessories worn and created by Andean peoples. I learned that the natural world includes the people that are not as technologically connected as we are. By actually seeing the textiles they created I understood the way they found beauty in nature. I enjoyed the fact that the museum included an exhibit on the Andes because it did remind me of my background.

Visiting the Butterfly Rainforest was definitely my favorite part of the experience because butterflies are one of my favorite animals. Being able to interact with them in such an evident way really made my experience so much better. The fact that their natural habitat is recreated as accurately as possible really demonstrates a sense of respect for the butterflies because the museum created an environment as close to "natural" as possible. I noticed that there were birds in the rain forest and inferred that this is probably to create an accurate environment and control the population. I was able to experience the butterflies a lot like i would if I visited a real rain forest. I realized that research on animals is important but it is also important to take care of them ethically.

The Fossil Exhibit at the FLMNH allowed me to recognize the mystery and majesty of life. Before scientific discoveries we knew nothing about the life that existed before us. The discovery of fossils have led us to so many other discoveries and realizations about other prehistoric eras. The Natural History museum helps us step of our ordinary lives by showing us what existed thousands and even millions of years ago, the simplicity of things, and how much everything has changed. It is important that we consider the past in order to create a wonderful future. By studying our origins, we appreciate the beauty and simplicity of whats around us.

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