Contest Edition 2019 Recto Verso & Salle Bulletin

Team leaders

Kaila Hall, Ariana Adabi


Cadence Thakur, Aisha Philippe, Noor-Elise Kamaruzzaman, Hermine Brintet

Chief Layout & Design

Emilia Klause, Lucie Merlet, Yanis Caillaud


Sylvie Bartusek, Alexei Kaloshin, Chloe Pangas, Daniel Pressman, Samantha Pressman, Oscar Byrne, Ellise Waller, Annabelle Piot, Juliette Lassus, Mme Marie-Helene Fevre

Faculty Advisor

Erin Finney

Cover Photographs

Mme Isabelle Ricard, Alexandra Bodelle

Dear Readers,

Congratulations to everyone who participated in this year's Recto Verso and Salle Bulletin contests!

Recto Verso's theme, the pursuit of happiness, inspired a record number of poetry and photography entries.

With all the turmoil in the world, the Rochambeau community is proud of its students who showcased the little and big things that make them happy.

From photos of moments with friends to photos of sunrises, from poems about family to poems about Pokémon cards, students exhibited immense creativity when showing how they pursue happiness.

More than 60 students created team videos for Salle Bulletin's contest revolving around the theme of revolution and change, Ça me tape sur les nerfs!

Look around you… so many people are speaking up. Colin Kaepernick takes a knee to protest police brutality against African Americans. France’s Gilets Jaunes grassroots movement marches against economic inequality.

From reducing mobile phone use to homelessness, from human interactions to food waste, Rochambeau students shared what they would change in our society if they could.


Cadence Thakur & Aïsha Philippe, Editors-in-Chief

P.S. We're very grateful to Mme Anabel Rodriguez for inspiring her students to participate. We received more Spanish poems this year than ever before!




The Pursuit of Happiness

Photograph by Camille Jouane (2de)
Poem by Ophelia Lacroix (6e)
Photograph by Baba Ouattara (5e)
Photograph by Mme Ricard
Poem by Charles Mateos y Lago (2de)
Photograph by Camille Jouane (2de)
Photograph by Camille Jouane (2de)
Photograph by Mme Isabelle Ricard

Ça me tape sur les nerfs!


Mobile Phones, by Beatrice Trad, Aiden Rouai, Madeleine Guimbert, Baptiste Louat (2de)
Human Interactions, by Raphael Julien and Malek Souissi (1e)
Homelessness, by Oscar Byrne, Eden Djama, Lucie Dupont (1e)
Les couloirs de Rochambeau, by Thomas Latendresse, Federico Dassen, Adrien Wheaton Schopp, Gavin Groves, Karl Abdelnour (2de)


Food Waste, by Nina Kuzichev, Aida Daniele, Amanda Da Re (6e)
Name Brand Fashions, by Mandela Keller, Felicie Lhermitte, Andréa Vaquette, Baba Ouattara (5e)
Water Waste, by Augusta De Silva, Sophia Mansour, Lou Anh Sinnassamy, Eva Pflipsen (6e)
Being Late, by Lilia Di Leva, Sirin Toal, Ophelia Lacroix (6e)
Litter, by Cooper Doyle, Isaac Danforth, Banjamin Fonseca (6e)
Terrorist Attacks, by Camille Le Bohellec, Wendy Toe, Nicolas Crenn (5e)

Thank you, PAR, for sponsoring OUR FABULOUS CONTEST prizes and FOR YOUR ENDURING support OF student publications.

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