my vocabulary krystal chase

dpressed means upset or sad oveer simething that happened.

This little girl is depressed because she doesnt have food.

achieved means a goal has been overcome or have been passed.

She has achieved her handstand.

philosopher means a person who tries to discover and understand the basic nature of knowledge and reality.

This man is a philosopher.

architect means a person who designs and makes plans for buildings.

This guy is a architect and he is designing a building.

fashioned means something that has been designed or made.

This women is wearing a thing that has been fashioned.

midst means in the middle of.

Look at the midst of the flower.

bronze means a soft medal that ia made out of copper and tin.

This is a bronze horse that looks sort of like leonardo da vinci.

cannon means an a explosive item on wheels.(in own words)

This is an cannon.

rival means a apponent that is trying to do the same or better.

This is a field where rivals play.


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