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Hey! This is MaskedMystery aka Jacob aka Echo. I'm a graphics designer and you've reached my graphics portfolio. I have been designing for ten months now and started using Photoshop very recently. Photoshop CC is my go-to software for designing. I hope you like what you see. Please note that I work on different designs on daily basis, which do not get updated here frequently.

Pre-mades. Available for Wattpad/Commission-based sale.

Please refrain from using these designs without prior permissions. It is unethical and hurtful.

Aesthetics, for your story or characters; create a Pinterest board or send in suggestions of what your next best-selling book is about and find nine-grid aesthetics at your fingertips.

Painted in Vintage. Watercolour themes.

A Pre-made will be available to you with swap of Book Title, Subtitle and Author's Name. Extreme changes will not be entertained. Revisions for Pre-mades limited to one time.

A publishing author? Get commercial covers and mock-ups made in twenty-fours at the best minimalist cost.

Covers for Wattpad include non-commercial fonts. For earning a complete charge of your covers, order commission-based services.

In-use graphics.

Designing is creativity, which is a talent. Stealing, copying or claiming other's works as your own is a shame on your own creativity.

A montage of everything.

For ordering a Pre-made, note down its name and mention it in the correct blank on your form.

Promoting on social media? Order commission-based service for batches full of graphics. One trial graphic available for free.

Upto two revisions allowed for non-pre-made graphics.
Manipulation artwork, Devil Woman, by truly yours.
A Galore of Pre-mades.
For commercial services, contact me on: maskedmystery04@gmail.com

For Wattpad services, check out get in touch on my Wattpad profile.

Colossal's Wattpad-based graphics services.

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Created with an image by Ron Whitaker - "Puzzle"