Frankenstein Theme people judge based on appearance

"He might have spoken, but I did not hear; one hand was stretched out, seemingly to detain me, but I escaped and rushed downstairs. I took refuge in the courtyard"- When the monster cam alive he was scared of it because it didn't look as expected.
" I with childish seriousness, interpreted her words literally and looked upon Elizabeth as mine, mine to protect, love, cherish"- This is when Victor find out that everyone only love Elizabeth for her beauty, and that's the reason he love her to.
"The summer months passed while I was thus engaged, heart and soul, in one pursuit"- Victor sees the beauty of nature and he starts to get distracted from other worries.
"his yellow skin scarcely covered the work of muscles and arteries beneath; his hair was lustrous black"- He put a lot of work into this creation and to find out that it wasn't what he thought it would turn out to be.
"Unable to endure the aspect of the being I had created, I rushed out of the room"- He was threatened by the ugliness thing he had created.


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