A Healthy Diet by zahaun simpson

What is a healthy diet?

  • Watching the amount of portions of food that you eat and not over eating
  • Try to eat plenty of produce like fruit and vegetables
  • Try to eat more whole grain foods like eat stuff like oats, and whole wheat bread
  • Also try to ease up on the amount of junk food you consume because of the amount of trans fat some foods can have
  • also eat less fatty foods because the saturated fat can cause a lot of bad cholesterol
  • Insted of taking a whole bunch of pills and supplements try to mainly keep healthy off of healthy foods
  • Eating all kinds a food so your body receive all the nutrients it needs
  • By maintained a healthy balance weight
why are healthy foods important
  • It can help you loose alot weight
  • it keeps you heathy and lowers risk of sickness and heart attack
  • it lets you performe a lot more physical activites
  • it can lower your risk of becoming obese

Pros of eating a healthy diet

  • promotes your overall heath
  • lowers your risk of disease like heart attacks
  • you will loose weight
  • boosted your confidence because you know your getting something accomplished
  • you wont have cravings for fat foods as much as you used to

Cons of eating a healthy diet

  • is that most people will only loose the weight for a short term and not completely
  • if your start doing different kinds of diets it can cause heath risk like stress fractures and broken bones
  • is that its not easy finding the foods you need for a balance diet
  • also the main problem in the cost to do all this because a lot of healthy foods cost more and fat foods
  • if your used to eating high fat foods that had a lot of sugar you might go through sugar with draw because your body could be use to taking in that much sugar
  • also the thing is that you have very little choices of what to eat wise that are healthy.


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Personal Reflection

  • what I need to know to stay healthy is that its okay to eat different variety of food just not a lot of it and watch the serving size too.
  • what I can do to reduce heath risk is just by watching what I eat in general and how much sodium and other things are in it.
  • what influences my healthy behaviors is basically the food that surrounds me and when there food that I know is healthy that i am able to eat

How can eating a healthy diet affect my ability to live a healthy and balance life?

When eating a healthy balance diet it cant affect my ability to live in many ways. The first thing is that it lets me be able to do more things because when my body get the correct nutrient it makes me feel like I can do a lot more. Another thing eating a balance diet does for me is that since I do two sports i wont feel as fatigued as I normally would because I would have a lot more energy. Next is that I wont feel the need to want to eat more because my body already has everything it needs so on top of that I loose weight which also puts me and little to no health risk. Even so it also just makes me feel good in general because i know that I am eating what I need to eat.This is how eating a healthy diet can affect my ability to live a healthy and balance life.


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