Engage Students and Impact Learning through STEM Coaching with Kristy Shafer

"I love to use new technology in my classroom, and am eager to do more!"

"I've used some technology, and want to learn more, but get frustrated that it doesn't always work and just don't have the time to do the research it takes."

"I'm just not good at technology."

What can coaching do for you?

Differentiation is just as important for teachers as it is for students. STEM coaching with myself is met to be teacher driven, and relevant to you at the stage you are at. As a STEM coach, I can provide you with 1:1 or small group support in a variety of forms to meet you and your students' individual needs. See below for a menu of options to help you leverage educational technology coupled with proven instructional strategies to engage students and impact student learning. Choose an option that is right for you, or mix and match to design what you need.

Select what works best for you.
  • Brainstorming Sessions - Have a lesson or activity you are looking to enhance? Let's collaboratively bounce ideas off of one another about a topic of your choice.
  • Resource Review - Feel like you just don't have the time to find new tools? Give me the tool or topic, and I will do the research for you! We can then meet to review available resources and prepare you to utilize what you like in your classroom.
  • Technology Training - Have you heard about a new tool you want to use or need further training on a tool you are using already? Let's meet 1:1 to give you the training and support you need! Check out the following section for an ongoing list of the latest ed tech tools.
  • Technology Support -Trying out something new and just need some help? Let me spend a period (or more) with you and your students as a co-teacher and/or an extra set of hands to help in your classroom as you use a new tool or strategy.
  • Collaboration - Are you interested in connecting with other educators in the state, across the country, or even around the world? I can help you connect digitally with other teachers who are teaching similar content and/or using similar strategies to grow your professional learning network.
  • Extreme Lesson Makeover - Are you looking to revamp a large project or maybe even a unit? Let's sit down and collaboratively plan using new tools and strategies to engage students while still meeting your instructional goals and standards.
Current Professional Development Resources
  • Click on the edtech tool title to view my training presentation.
  • Adobe Spark - Spark creativity in your students with this free and simple web-based tool, Adobe Spark allows users to create videos, webpages, and social media posts using music, images, videos, and voice recordings.
  • BreakoutEDU - BreakoutEDU, is an educational twist on the breakout rooms you have heard about. Using a BreakOut box with various locks, you can either use a pre-made or teacher created activity with clues to help students unlock the locks that related to the content you are currently teaching or just as a problem solving/critical thinking activity.
  • Flipgrid - See what many educators are flipping out about! Flipgrid is a web-based video response platform. You create a topic, and students respond with short videos. You can also use other teacher's topic posts, or connect with a classroom virtually through a topic. Teachers can join for free, and simply share the link to their topic with students. The opportunities are endless, and you now have the ability to hear from every student in your classroom.
  • GoGuardian - This web-based platform will allow you to monitor your students' Chromebook use including active views, timeline activity, the ability to close tabs, and even to block websites.
  • Google Cast for Education - Google Cast for Education allows students and teachers to wirelessly share their Chromebook screens from anywhere in the classroom. Students can request access to present, and their Chromebook screen will show up on your Smartboard or projector screen. Students can present projects from their own Chromebooks, and teachers can present from their Chromebooks to give students the same view of a tool. Check out a video on it here.
  • Google Tour Builder - Originally created so Veterans could map the places they had been Google Tour Builder can be used to have your students map a virtual tour around the world, maybe to locations in a novel you are reading, historical battlefields, or places in foreign countries! Users add a sequence of locations on a map that can then be clicked through like a tour. At each location, you can add a description, videos, photos, and even links.
  • Quizizz - Quizizz is similar to Kahoot but with an amazing added feature - DATA! Quizizz allows you to create your own games, or select one already created by another user. You then release it to students through a simple code. You can either play the game live in class or set it to be played at any time by putting it in "homework mode." Students will enjoy the avatars, leaderboard, themes and music, while you will love the detailed class and student level data, which can even be emailed to parents! Check out a short video on it here.
  • Sharing Documents for Electronic Test Reading - If your students will be using a program (Read & Write, CoWriter, Etc.) to electronically read a test to them, this tutorial will walk you through how to securely share the test file with them.
Developing Professional Development Resources
  • HyperDocs - Similar to webquests, Hyperdocs are an interactive Google Doc where all components of a learning activity, unit, cycle, etc. are accessible in one place so students can progress through the unit using self-guided inquiry. Students are provided hyperlinks to resources where they can gain the knowledge they need. This can result in fewer lectures, more face to face interaction, and multimodal learning opportunities for students. Check out some examples of hyperdocs by subject area here, and even pre-made templates you can make in to your own hyperdoc here.


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