Slavery By: Eli Parra

Dictionary Definition: A practice or system of owning slaves

1619 was when slaves were first sent to the United States to Americans for people's benefits and had no choice.

They were forced to work. They did not what so ever get paid anything, in fact, they got the opposite, they got abused or beaten when they didn't do it fast enough or good enough.

Slavery was important to people, especially in Alabama.

Slaves were badly beaten as this one was. They were beaten until they chose to work.

Many black people were forced to serve/work for many people

Mostly White richer people owned many slaves due to increase in money.

They mostly worked in plantations as in - Tobacco, Rice and cotton as well.

Slavery was abolished on January 31st, 1865 by Abraham Lincoln

Abraham Lincoln was our 16th president of the U.S.

He was the first president ever against slavery

He abolished slavery because he felt in his heart that it was very wrong and cruel to the slaves and he believed it created a bad habit.

Abraham Lincoln made very many people happy when doing this, especially slaves

There were a couple of people that did not agree to this and that was people who owned the slaves but also people who wanted slaves but could not aford them

Slavery is Illegal to this day but, slaves are still owned in some states and some parts of this country as well as around the world.

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