Anne Frank Biography By:Brooke Chamberlain

  • Anne Frank was called a hero because she held on to a diary that had all of the notes that she wrote down about being the holocaust. Some of Anne Franks important characteristic's were that she was a daddy's girl especially during the holocaust which Anne franks family went into hiding in 1942 and the were in the attic for two whole years. Also Anne frank was very friendly. Anne frank was friendly because, she was in a attic with her family and other four Jews and she could not go any where so she had to be nice and friendly to her soroundings. Also Anne Frank was loyal. Anne frank was loyal because she loved one another and she

Anne frank had some important contributions all right. One of them was that she wrote in a diary. That might not seem like a lot but that diary held tons of information and what it was like to be hiding as a Jew from the Nazis. Another important contribution that Anne Frank made was the decisions she made. They brought attention to herself and never gave up. She always believed that she would live her life and get out of the tangle of war. Another important contribution is that she was proud on what she believed in.

Anne Frank is famous because she was a child during World War ll who hid from the Nazis. Anne Frank went into hiding in 1942 in a apartment attic. with her family and 4 other jews. Anne Frank also writed in a diary for 25 months while she was in hiding in the apartment attic. Anne Frank also got captured by the Nazis and got sent to a concentration camp in 1945 with her sister. And died shortly after with typhus.

Experiences that made this person important is that Anne Frank got taken by the Nazis in World War ll. Anne Frank also wrote in a diary through the experience that she went through. Anne frank was in hiding for two whole years from the Nazis. She was stoke in a apartment building attic, with her sister mom,dad and 4 other jewish people.

I admire that Anne Frank never gave up when the Nazis were trying to take her and her family. Anne Frank was very brave. I admire that Anne frank was brave. For goodness sake she was in a concentration camp. Also Anne Frank was very out going and always stayed strong no mater what was in her way.

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