If It Ain't Baroque, Don't Fix It

Baroque Music

Baroque’s music had a very loud and capturing sound

Not everything is in unison, there are multiple layers of sound

Baroque used a mordant, turns, grace notes, and trills

Baroque Art

Baroque art is dramatic and direct

The people in the paintings are lifelike and emotionally intense

Dramatic contrast between light and dark, sunlight and shadows


Elaborate and extravagant details in the architecture

Everything works together theatrically

Big and bold, over the top colors


Created with images by dottorpeni - "biblioteca 2" • 591360 - "organ basilica vierzehnheiligen" • Catedrales e Iglesias - "Santa Iglesia Catedral,Morelia,Estado de Michoacán,México" • pedrosimoes7 - "La cohorte invincible (1928) - Giorgio de Chirico (1888-1978)" • pedrosimoes7 - "La cohorte invincible (1928) - Giorgio de Chirico (1888-1978)" • RobertCheaib - "cathedral noto sicily" • Pexels - "arches architecture art" • dalbera - "Eléments d'architecture : urinoir (Biennale d'architecture 2014, Venise)" • MichaelGaida - "church altar christian" • Tama66 - "castle brühl augustusburg" • Juan Golda - "The Metropolitan Cathedral at Christmas"

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