Florida☀️ By Laurie Brind'Amour

People use to call Florida the "Sunshine State", because it's always really hot there.
There's about 20 millions persons who live in Florida. This state is the 22nd most expensive, the 3rd most populous and and the 8th most densely populated of United states.
In Florida, there are 282 cities, 109 towns and 19 villages. The two cities who are the most popular of the tourism are Orlando and miami.
The first attraction in Florida that you must go in your life is, without hesitation, Walt disney world. It's one or if it's not the one, biggest and popular attraction park in the world.
For sure, there's the universal studio. It's an attraction very popular for people who love cinema and all this stuff. Sure, for the other people it's really nice too!
The miami beach is the main attraction for most tourists who are staying at miami or simply at orlando.
The Florida aquarium is an attraction really important too. There's about 20 000 plants and animals who are came from Florida and all around the world.
Can you imagine florida without orange? I don't think so. Florida is also called the official state fruit. The orange grow there by 1000 per year!
People in Florida loves margarita, and also smoothies, because there's a lot of bar of those drinks.

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