Civil Rights Terms BY: KJ & TANNER

Dred Scott was a slave when he and his master went to Illinois and Minnesota. he said that since he was in free territory, that he should be free from his master. roger Taney, chief justice, disagreed and said that his master owned him no matter where he went. he also said that slaves couldn't be citizens. this was called the Dred Scott decision.
Abraham Lincoln gave an order called The Emancipation Proclamation. This Proclamation help all slaves to be freed form the Confederate States. President Lincoln had no control over the Confederate States so he wanted slavery to end.
Abraham Lincoln wanted there to be no slavery after the civil war. he made an amendment to do this. this amendment was approved by 27 out of the 36 states and accepted in 1865. it banned slavery and canceled all other segregation laws.
In July 28, 1868 the 14th amendment was made for any born in the U.S. are still U.S. Citizens. This was made for former slaves to become citizen of the United States.
The 15th amendment says that the right to vote cannot be taken from any races. This means the any race that you are when voting it can not be taken form you.
Plessy and Ferguson was a segregation for working for equal rights.
The Brown vs. Board of Education is case in court for equal right for black to go to the same schools as whites, and get the same education as them.
Rosa Parks was arrested for not yielding her seat to the white man .It was a reaction that black didn't ride on buses for a month. This was a protest so that blacks can have equal rights for bus rides.
The Little Rock Nine was a group of African Americans that attended Little Rock Central High School. When they were enrolled there the students were trying to prevent them from entering the school.
The Sit-Ins were a group of African American students seating at a courtyard. This was their way of protesting for equal education. So if they didn't move the whites would throw their food and drinks on them and even spit on them.
Ruby Bridges was the first young black African american to go to an all white elementary school. When she went to the school she had security to get to school. and everyone just look at her.
A group of African Americans and one white man from the north rode down the south to protesting for equal rights, and this was a group of people that believed that segregation was wrong.
James Meredith was accepted to go to The University of Mississippi. But when they learned about his race they declined his application, so the supreme court said that he could attend The University of Mississippi. He also able to finish and graduate and get a degree on political science.
Dr. Martin Luther King gave his famous speech in front of 250,000 people. This speech was about having equal rights for African American and Whites. And on the same day they had the March on Washington for job rights, the President then passed the law against discrimination.


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