Week 3 FMP REFLECTIVE journal

I'm starting to complete my sprites that Ben needs me to get done, and we have been using form time to switch roles, I went up to Jason's room while Ben staid in Adams. we have done this so that i can go trough the unreal work and edit any errors or bugs that arise.

The unreal engine

So far while going through the unreal engine i haven't found anything that could be game breaking, however the sprite doesn't flip with the camera when we want the character to turn around, we are both currently trying to fix it. while in the unreal i was wondering about making a title screen for the game, i am currently researching how to do this, by using YouTube as my main source. also today in form i left Ben to get on with research so now we have some more research done, and i think hes focuses more on the unreal engine.

In Adams lesson we made lesson i was just continuing to finish a past week for the adobe spark, but i was wondering while doing it, if its possible to make the game revolve around time.. I'm going to look into this.also during this time, Ben managed to create some concepts for the health pick up, which is basically tins and donuts, we have developed this further by discussing rather then having donuts or a can of something, but to just have a whole vending machine as the pickup? we are conceptualizing it right now.

Today in Davids lesson we continues to finish our reflective journal, i'm starting to hate doing these reflective journals, as its starting to pull most of my attention away from my actual project, however the journals will help further on as i can look back and see if anything needs correcting. now in Adams lesson me and Ben were having a meeting which has been recorded, the recording is us running through what were doing at the moment and also judging our own work, we both also gave each other ideas and room for improvements on our work, for example im taking too long on the graphics at the moment, so i need to step up my speed, and my problem with Ben is that hes not focusing enough in lesson time and it starting to annoy, but i have addressed this to him and he understands and is going to do better at focusing.

in self directed study we finally asked Jason to help us with the sprite problem and he did help us, the problem was that the camera was set to the wrong setting so when the character was meant to flip it didn't, Jason helped us correct our mistake and now its helped us finally move forward on our project, i also finished the sprites within this time and at home so now i can focus on the environment and textures. to improve i need to manage my time better now as i need to complete as much as i can before half term.

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