Chapter Project Chapter 14

Adjusting to city driving

Adequate following distance allows you to

>Identify >Predict >Decide > Execute

Name two factors that make city driving difficult.

Always use IPDE

Describe how to use the IPDE process for city driving

Traffic Density: the number of vehicles you meet per mile

3-seconds following distance gives a safe distance
What can you do to get rid of tailgaters or at least make the following distance safer.

What can u do to safely pass someone?

left lanes are usually faster but can get held up because of drivers waiting to turn left

Overtake or pass a vehicle only if it is safe and legal

Special City Situations
Most city roadways are two way streets with one lane going in each direction

One way Streets can move a bigger amount of traffic with fewer conflicts.

What do u do when you cover the brakes?

What do you do when u ride the brakes

Adjusting your speed to make driving safe.

How do you warn a driver that is driving on the wrong way on a one way street?

Blind intersection: your view of traffic on an intersecting road is impeded

What can be described by volume of traffic on a road

What are three advantages for a 3-sec following distance.

What is the best speed on a city road?

What do you do when you cant see over a large truck?


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