CTC iChip Tumor Identifying device

The CTC iChip is a microchip that isolates rare circulating tumor cells, which are solid tumors found in low levels of bloodstreams.

Examples of what the iChip looks like

The CTC iChip connects to a computer and then transfers the information it obtains from the imputed blood sample the white cells with magnetic beads in the blood sample and then sorts out the white cells, red cells, plasma, and magnetic beads, using a tagging software that separates the parts of the blood. It then outputs the circulating tumor cells and stores them in a small tube. It then processes this information to the computer using its microchip embedded onto the system.

Stats about the CTC iChip:

  • The CTC iChip is a more reliable and faster way to detect tumors than the previous methods
  • The normal method to check for mutations in genes could only check 25, but the CTC iChip can check over 1000 genes for mutations.
  • They also have an extremely large budget to pursue the CTC iChip and more inventions, and that budget is $775 million.

Stats on Global Impact:

  • Tiffani Lash who is the program director for Micro- and Nano-system technologies said, "The ability to grow the CTCs in the laboratory and test them for cancer drug susceptibility is a major step towards providing targeted therapies with the real potential to significantly improve patient outcomes.”

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