Canadian Ecosystem's the boreal forest

The Boreal Forest is important in Canada for many reasons, one of them being that the boreal forest stores carbon, purifies the air and water, and regulates the climate. This country's Boreal Forest affects the health of the environment worldwide, benefiting Canada and the rest of the world.

The Boreal Forest shelters more the 85 species of mammals, for example, larger animals like wood bison, elk, moose, & woodland caribou. The forest also has smaller mammals like beavers, squirrels, etc.

A mammal that the Boreal Forest also shelters are arctic wolves. Arctic wolves are exotic animals, and are native to Canada. The only other countries they can be found in are northern countries like Russia and Greenland.

The arctic wolves are actually the least threatened out of it´s other subspecies, like the grey wolves, and their conservation is also their least concern.

The niche for the arctic wolf are arctic hares, caribou, and muskox. The habitat for the arctic wolf is any northern countries, Canada, Greenland, and sometimes in Russia.

Facts: The arctic wolf is actually a subspecies of the gray wolf. The arctic wolves have the life span of about 7 years, 20 in captivity. The scientific name for the arctic wolf is Canis Lupus Arctos. The last fact about the arctic wolf is that it's actually smaller than the gray wolf. They have smaller ears, muzzles, and legs than the gray wolves.


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