Life is Good omar khalid

La Jolla Beach, CA
Hollywood with Elvis Presley's car
Best Friends
Santa Monica, CA is so Beautiful
The Mountains of Virginia
Suzy and I
My Beautiful cars
River Walk, San Antonio, TX
Happy family

The Great US Army

I love my job. Left picture is 4th Infantry Division, middle picture is when unloading a helicopter, and the right picture is 11th ACR training time


Created with images by jonlclark - "Seal Beach, La Jolla" • DVIDSHUB - "Decisive Action Rotation 13-03 [Image 3 of 12]" • Fort Wainwright Public Affairs Office - "OH-58D Helicopters load for Transport to National Training Center" • DVIDSHUB - "Stryker Soldiers fire Howitzer cannons [Image 1 of 3]"

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