The Holocaust Museum We will always remember

Welcome to our website for the Holocaust Museum. We have described some of our main exhibits, and hoping that you will come down to the real museum and support us. We will always remember.

Our first exhibit, Ghettos...

During this horrible time, Nazi soldiers were ordered to kick Jewish people out of their homes, and take all of their precious belongings. The Nazis forced the Jews to go into ghettos, which were very small, and very dirty tiny towns meant for Jewish people or other people who disobeyed. People thought it couldn't get worse. It did.

Our second exhibit, Concentration Camps...

Concentration Camps is where it got worse. Way worse. Jews were starved. Bone like humans that have no fat, you can see their bones. Starving... Role call was the worst time. If someone wasn't correctly in their spots, they would get put in the furnace, shot on spot, or eaten by dogs. Dogs. Scientists doing experiments. Seeing how long a Jew could hold his /her breath. Drowning. Terrible. Just terrible

And finally, Hitler and his Propaganda...

Hitler convinced everyone to hate Jews. He started the Hitler Youth which was for kids in Germany. The teachers taught the students about how Jews ruined everything. The teachers taught tennagers how to fight. How to kill. The teachers taught them that their life was less important than Hitlers. The teachers taught them to sacrifice themselves if it was for Hitler, if it was for Germany. Even if it was to kill a Jewish person.

Join us to remember...

Come to our museum to show respect. We will always remember what the Jewish people went through. Never forget the 6 million Jews that died. Never forget. Just imagine your life, then imagine the Jews' back then during the Holocaust. It's unimaginable. We will always remember.

I hope you enjoyed our website, describing some of our main, attracting exhibits. I hope that you can take the time to come down and support us. Thank you.


Fitzgerald, Stephanie. Children of the Holocaust. California: Capstone Pr Inc, 2011.

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