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Stand Out. Get In.

The college admissions officer reads yet another college application essay, expecting to trudge through the usual dry and uninspired writing. But from the first paragraph, this essay is different. It’s engaging. It provides insight into the student’s character. This student wrote a compelling narrative that connects with the reader, and, in that moment, the student becomes more than just a file. This student used Stand Out Strategies to get noticed.

Great essays get read. And remembered.

College application essays are the biggest tipping factor in the increasingly competitive admission process. You are more than a GPA, test score, or resumé, so use the college application essay to showcase what makes you unique. This is the one area over which you have complete control until the application is sent. Students are often so busy or overwhelmed with the application process, the essay turns out to be less than their best work. Stand Out Strategies can help.

Your story in 650 words or less.

Writing an interesting and meaningful personal statement essay can be intimidating. With Stand Out Strategies Boot Camp, the process is made manageable (and, dare we say, enjoyable) with step-by-step direction. We guide students through the writing and editing process in three engaging sessions. Students leave the Boot Camp with essay drafts completed, ready to take on their senior year.

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Work with Mindy Van Eaton, M.A. in Journalism, to craft your perfect essay. Van Eaton combines her love of teaching with a passion for writing and editing in her SOS Boot Camps. For 17 years, Van Eaton taught at the University of Missouri, instructing writing intensive and strategic communication courses. She was a Pulitzer Scholar, served on college scholarship boards, and received numerous awards for teaching, writing, and advertising. Prior to instructing at the Missouri School of Journalism, Van Eaton worked as Public Relations Coordinator for U.S. Senator "Kit" Bond in Washington, D.C., and served as Program Coordinator for Foundation for Teaching Economics, where she facilitated leadership training for high school seniors and first-year college students at university campuses across the nation. Van Eaton currently resides in University Park, Texas.

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Boot Camps run during spring and summer months.

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