How Can Weather Kill You? Rayven Mathis


The picture above is a blizzard, A blizzard starts when Strong northerly winds begin to push snow falls at relatively higher speeds that 10 MPH. You can die by you can get lost or buried in the snow you can freeze in seconds, some people try to use their stoves as heat and get poisoned from the stove and end up dying, and you can die from frostbite. Blizzards can occur in any region of the world which is subject to snow. Ways to protect against blizzards are stock up on food and water, have a emergency medicine bag, stay indoors, watch for frostbite, and avoid alcohol.

The picture above is a heat wave. Heat waves start when an area of HIGH pressure becomes stationary over an area or just east of an area where southerly winds blow warm air into the region. Extreme heat can overpower the body. A heat wave can occur in the Eastern United states. a couple ways to protect from heat waves are, use box fans and ceiling fans to promote air circulation throughout your home, Take advantage of the cooling power of water, eliminate extra sources of heat, and avoid alcoholic beverages and caffeine.


The picture above is a hurricane. Hurricanes start when warm, moist air from the ocean surface begins to rise rapidly, where it encounters cooler air that causes the warm water vapor to condense and to form storm clouds and drops of rain. Each hurricane is different but a large percentage of deaths are from drowning, Hurricanes can be found in the North West Pacific Ocean, the South Pacific and Indian Oceans, and the Mid Atlantic and Gulf of Mexico. A couple ways to stay safe during a hurricane is , Remain indoors., Keep curtains and blinds closed and stay away from glass windows and doors, Make sure you have a way to get into an attic, and Continue to monitor the weather reports on your radio for updates.

The picture above is a Tornado. Heat rises, so cold air usually goes beneath warm air. When cold air goes over hot air, a tornado can possibly begin to start. A couple ways a tornado can kill you is by, tearing a structure apart and flinging debris at them, eventually having something collapse on them, henceforth killing them and Being taken up by a really powerful tornado and whipping the person against something killed by the impact. The tornadoes usually occur in the southeastern state of Florida, the central part of the country (Midwest) where most of the violent tornadoes occur. Here are some ways to stay safe during a tornado: The best shelter from a tornado is a basement or storm cellar, cover yourself with something, such as pillows, a mattress or blankets, place as many walls between you and the outside as possible, mobile homes are extremely unsafe during a tornado, and Avoid windows.

Above is a picture of a flood. A flood starts by water overflowing or inundates land that's normally dry. Floods can either drown you, or they can kill you by carrying deadly debris. Floods occur most in coastal areas. A couple ways to protect your self and others from floods are, Introduce better flood warning systems,Modify homes and businesses to help them withstand floods,Construct buildings above flood levels,Tackle climate change,Increase spending on flood defenses, protect wetlands and introduce plant trees strategically, restore rivers to their natural courses and introduce water storage areas.


Created with images by NASA Goddard Photo and Video - "Tracking a Superstorm [hd video]" • Capt' Gorgeous - "Blizzard" • Hans - "embers glow wood" • Freepht - "air sky cloud" • JDmcginley - "water spout weather spout" • Thomas Good - "Flood-2470"

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