Kindergarten TERM 1 NEWSLETTER 2019

Welcome to a new school year at Anzac Park Public!

The Kindergarten teachers are excited to begin our innovative teaching and learning programs with our new students. Kindergarten is a wonderful year of growth and discovery, which we look forward to sharing with you. Our focus areas for learning are outlined in the newsletter below. Welcome to the Anzac Park Public School family!

Sport and Library Days

Ms Penn will be taking Kindergarten students for their sport sessions. They are asked to wear sports uniform on the following days:

  • Sky 4- Monday
  • Sky 3- Friday
  • Surf 11- Tuesday
  • Surf 12- Wednesday
  • Blizzard 10- Wednesday
  • Blizzard 9- Thursday

Kindergarten will also require library bags for borrowing on Wednesdays.

Important Dates & days

  • Thursday 7 February: Meet the Teacher Night
  • Thursday 21 February: Kindergarten Programs - Information Session (2-3pm)
  • Friday 22 February: Welcome BBQ
  • Thursday 28 February: Kindergarten Parent Home Reading Workshop (6pm)
  • Thursday 21 March: Harmony Day
  • Monday 1 - Friday 5 April: Parent & Teacher Conference Week
  • Friday 12 April: Anzac Day Assembly


Concept - Point of View & Perspective

This term in Kindergarten, students will begin to develop their literacy skills through explicit learning experiences.

Students will develop their fine motor skills and begin structuring simple sentences based on familiar topics during targeted writing lessons.

They will further develop their understanding of the alphabet and the sounds that letters make during phonic's lessons.

During literacy groups Kindergarten will begin to apply their understanding of sounds and familiar words to read simple, repetitive texts.

Students will also explore the concept, 'Point of View & Perspective'. Through examining quality texts, students will begin to see familiar stories in new ways.

To assist your child with developing literacy skills and with reading at home, please attend our Kindergarten Parent Home Reading Workshop on Thursday 28th February at 6:00pm. We hope to see you there!


Concept - Part-Part Whole

This term Kindergarten will explore the Mathematical concept of ‘Part-Part Whole’. This is a major contributor to mathematical conceptual development in the primary school years as students learn to understand a whole and its parts in all their representational forms.

Through engaging in explicit instruction and differentiated activities, students will build their mathematical understanding across skills and topics. Students will be regularly assessed and monitored for understanding, and activities will be targeted to support and challenge them at their individual level of learning.

Below you’ll find some fun, educational math websites that can be accessed at home:


Concept- Change & Continuity

This term in our inquiry unit Kindergarten will explore the concept 'Change & Continuity'.

Continuity refers to like patterns throughout the course of history, or the way that two events or themes are similar. Change refers to the way things develop over the course of history in a new or unique way. Change and continuity occur simultaneously, linking forward and backward in time.

Our students will investigate and share their family heritage and celebrate the heritage of others.



Concept- Perspective

During Term 1 students will focus on drama and visual arts through exploring the concept 'Perspective'.

In visual arts students will experiment with different techniques and materials to create works depicting their interpretations of things and events. They will recognise that people have different perspectives of artworks and their meaning.

Students will also participate in imaginative play by taking on character roles and by working with others to develop dramatic situations in the drama forms of improvisation, movement, mime and storytelling.


Concept - Change

Kindergarten will participate in targeted sport lessons to develop their gross motor skills. They will also work together to solve problems they may encounter during games, with a focus on collaboration and team work.

During health lessons students will investigate the changes that occur as we grow and develop. They will further explore aspects of the body that make them unique and special.

Should you have any further questions please contact your class teacher or our Early Stage 1 Assistant Principal:

Miss Melanie Shields- melanie.shields9@det.nsw.edu.au

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