Should america take military action against isis Dylan Domchek

Dylan Domchek

The U.S. military was made to protect America and some think the need to protect is right now, against a recently expanding group by the name of ISIS. ISIS is a terrorist group coming from the Middle East mostly part of Syria and Iraq, they want to become the chief Muslim leader in the world. They have done ruthless and terrible things to try and achieve that goal including terror attacks, beheadings, enslaving people, and much more. Some terror attacks have been launched on American soil. That is why many are weigh arguments on to take military action against the Islamic group.

The idea of a terrorist group is scary especially when you have one they size of ISIS growing every day. About 65 people from around the world join ISIS every day based on a study from Feb 2016. Also from the same study every month 2,000 people join ISIL. Over time if we don’t act now it will be a harder fight. As they begin to expand that will also come with more terror attacks, mass killings, and executions. This is our fight to lead not follow countries are afraid of what ISIS will do to them if we are in it who knows maybe countries will follow. Many are against the idea of invading the Middle East and ultimately destroying ISIS. One of the points someone might have is the idea if it's really worth it? Is it worth the death of our soldiers to something that isn’t an imminent danger right now? If the terrorist group doesn’t bother us why go mess with them. Also many think the airstrikes that are being carried out are enough because 100 ISIL militants die every day because of them.

Some may say that the reason we need to use military force on the terrorist group is because of terrorist attacks they have done around the world. Including attacks in America, France, Germany, and Belgium. Who would you rather be put up against ISIS? Unarmed people being ambushed, or a heavily trained American soldier. The government needs to realize that if you don't fight back they just keep on attacking our country and other countries. On the other hand, many will argue that American security needs to be improved. Many say that the security systems in America do not do a good job at finding and neutralizing a threat.

One benefit of destroying ISIS is it can end the long standing fight against terrorism. The Islamic terrorist group is very rich and very large in population. They are the biggest terrorist group in the world and there are leading terrorism around the world. That is why if we send in troops and fight and beat them. Then the fight against terrorism could very well be ended. Ex-president Barack Obama has said, “If unchecked, these terrorists could pose a growing threat beyond that region - including to the United States. While we have not yet detected specific plotting against our homeland, ISIL leaders have threatened America and our allies”. On the other hand, many will say that terrorism isn’t a big problem. The United States military lost over 4,000 soldiers as casualties of the Iraq war and sent home at least 32,000 more who were physically and mentally damaged. The wars in Iraq and Afghanistan cost at least $1.26 trillion from start to finish and the overall “war on terror” maybe $8 trillion. This is a big reason why many don’t want another war in the Middle East.

Another benefit of taking out ISIS is that with them gone the wars in Syria and all around the middle east will end, and with the wars ending the refugee and immigrant battle in Europe. Though the immigration problem may not end with the war a large chunk of people only leave the country because of wars. On the other hand many will say that immigration isn’t a problem, but it is many of the countries in Europe are being overcrowded with the immigrants that fled from ISIS. By destroying them we knock out some of the immigration problems.

There are a lot of good reasons for the US government to contemplate whether or not to send ground troops and take other military action to eliminate ISIL. The main reasons are good ones and to protect this country ISIS needs to be taken out like they are expanding by the day, they are attacking our cities, they are becoming rich and powerful, and most all we can take a big step in ending wars and terror in the middle east. When you take into consideration of how many people ISIS has killed. Why do we let them continue to rain terror on innocent people? This is why action has to be taken against the Islamic group.

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