Syrian Civil War What impact does ISIS have on the civilians and other countries?

It was super challenging to find information on the Syrian civil war. But this war is actually really interesting because you get to see how everyone got affected from it and see the outcome of the revolution. Out of all the revolutions that I could've chose I chose this one because problems with Syria are still current and the war wasn't too long ago.

Causes of the war

The main reason why the revolution started is because of protest. There were peope protesting about their lack of freedoms. The way that Assad, which is their president, was really harsh and cruel on the protesters and they didn't like that.

Symptomatic stage

Since the people didn't like the way that Assad was handling the protest there was a rebel group called the Free Syrian Army and they had formed a group with members from Al Qaeda called ISIS to ovethrow Assad.

Crisis Stage

ISIS decides to got to war with Assad's troops. ISIS ends up winning and takes over Syria. A lot of people were displaced from their homes, thousands were killed, and there were many refugees. The number of Syrian refugees was 10 times higher in 2016 than in 2012.

Convalescence Stage

Syria is still in their concalescence stage tady because so much of their counrty got destroyed and ISIS is still going around a destroying more places.

big question

So to answer the big question from the beginning, what impact does ISIS have on civilians and othe countries? ISIS is displacing families from their own houses which affects them because they don't have a home. them not having a home causes them to become refugees and go to other countries which affects those countries because they don't have enough space for all of those people.

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