D’Erricos Market

D’Errico's Market

141 E Central St, Worcester, MA 01605


Hi, our group went to an Italian market. This market was in Worcester. It was called D’Errico’s. While we were there we saw different types of food and drinks. Here is an overview of what our experience was like. D’Errico's is an old prestigious Italian market in Worcester on East Central Street. It was a nice market and had an old feel but new products. There were many fresh meats and other foods. We would definitely recommend this market to anyone.

Writing Projects


As the Worcester Academy bus veered onto the side of the busy road, I got my first glimpse of where I would be shopping for the next 30 minutes. The five students sauntered out as my teacher collected her things. We looked up. Large white letters spelling D'Errico's stared back. It was a red brick building with huge windows. The windows had even larger advertisements plastered on them. A large truck was parked on the far end of the market unloading soda. The driver briefly said “Hi” as he wheeled in another stack of soda.

As I entered the building, I looked to my right, noticing many aisles of packaged and canned goods. I twisted my head straight to view a huge selection of fresh meats and sausages. I turned my head some more seeing just how far the meat counter stretched. It was enormous!

As we explored aisle by aisle, I noticed certain food from Italy that I had researched. There was a full aisle of canned tomato sauce and another of every single type of pasta. There was also a section full of cheeses. Most were grated, and most was Parmesan cheese.

We each had five dollars and we decided to put together each of our five dollars. We decided on buying a large loaf of Italian bread, some olive oil to dip it in, sliced pepperoni, pizzelles, Italian wafers with chocolate, red bitter Italian soda, and a bar of white chocolate.

The bread was the best. It was packaged in plastic, and was pre-sliced. It had light brown crunchy edges, and a soft-fluffy-white center. When I tried the bread with the olive oil, it tasted plain. The oil olive was damp on the bread, and it had a sour aftertaste. The wafers were very good as well. They were small and square shaped, and were very crunchy. They also dissolved in your mouth with a chocolatey sensation. The pepperoni was sliced and stacked in a plastic container. It was chewy and a little spicy. The pizzelles looked like flat waffles and were crumbly. They had a special taste to them. The soda came in cute-small-glass bottles. The liquid inside of them was red. It tasted like bitter root beer and had an unpleasant after taste. The white chocolate was sweet and hard. It tasted really good and left a pleasant taste in your mouth.

The experience was fun and very interesting for me. It was nice to buy things just to try. I was happy I loved almost all the things we purchased. I enjoyed D'Errico's, and I think its best part is its fresh meat counter because of the variety of Italian options. I wished we could have tried some of the meats, but they all had to be cooked. The market overall was very good because it had a large selection of packaged foods and fresh foods. It also had lots of original Italian brands. I was impressed with myself for trying new foods and I liked the experience of visiting a market.


I saw huge signs with bright colors

I stepped in and saw many types of wines

The soda man

Parked his van

Many types of cheese

George said, “Yes please”

I smelled meat next store

George said, “I need more”

The bread looked soft

The cashier lady coughed

I had olive oil on bread

The meat was red

I saw ice cream

So did Elizabeth, but she screamed

There was no pizza, I mourned

We bought some pizzelles

They were very good

As they should be

The chocolate wafers were crunchy

George said,“When is lunchy?”

There were many types of meat

We purchased pepperoni

It was spicy

The olive oil was pricey

We tried a bitter Italian drink called Stappi

It came in many different colors

We tried white chocolate

It tastes the same

We had fun

But our time at the market was done

We went back to school

Past the pool, and ate the food

The food put us in a good mood

We tried other markets’ food

Some good some not

George spilled water on me

We almost fought

Now we can’t run


Big red store

Reminds me of Clifford

Bright soda signs

With trucks full outside

The guy unloading the soda

With his cart

And the pen in his ear

Walking in and out with crates full

We walk into the bright store

And see aisles full of cheese, bread, and sauces

And Alexander starts roaming the store

the refrigerators buzzing

And the workers yelling where everything goes

Behind the meat counter up front

It smells like fresh meat

We bought some pepperoni

Alex begged for ravioli

Then we walk into an aisle

Of course we see Alex there begging for orange soda

In the aisle there is lots of cheese and bread

We picked out a loaf of bread and olive oil

Then we went into the candy aisle

We ended up getting pizzelles, cocoa wafers, and white chocolate out of there

All of them were Italian so we tried them for our project

On our way out we chose an Italian soda called Stappi

It was a red bitter soda but looked like fruit punch

We bought all of our items and got back into the maroon van

When we arrived back in the megaron

We tried the bread first

It was the best thing we got and dipped it in the tangy olive oil

Then we tried the Stappi

It tastes very tart and bitter

Cocoa wafers were soft and crunchy

They melted in your Mouth

The Pizzelles tasted plain

I turned my head

And see Alex chowing down on bread

With pepperoni and chocolate in between

He licked his lips

And reminded me to write in my notebook for my poem

I wrote we all had lots of fun

Even though Alex didn’t get Cinnabons.


Something New

The warm blanket of air embraces me

As I step inside the store

Banners flutter overhead

Aromas of cheese lazily drift through the air


But surely

R e a c h i n g m e .




Sodas s above my H




Making me wish I could get some.

Breads line the walls,

Neat, straight,

Proudly kept with care.

Spices rush through me,

Leaving tingles in my mouth

Making me crave more

Meats and candies of all different kinds and colors

Decorate the walls

The aisles are w_i_d_e,

The workers wave,

Everyone is welcome.

People frolic and whisper

Making new friends.










D’errico’s Market.


Dear Ms.Goodenough,

I was beyond excited to go along with four other of my classmates to D'Errico's Food Market! This was an Italian market off of Shrewsbury Street in Worcester, MA. The surrounding area seemed a bit busy. When we first were dropped outside the market, all I saw was a big red building. On top of this red brick building, there was a big sign that said, “D’Errico’s Food Market.” There were also multiple other signs advertising food and drinks such as; Coke, Sprite, different types of meats, and cheeses that they served at their deli section of the market. I couldn’t wait to go inside and smell all the different foods and drinks, I thought inside my head.

When I first walked in the doors, to my left was a bunch of assorted fruits, vegetables, and cheeses. Behind the produce and cheese assortments was the deli, all around the back of the market. In the deli, they sold meats and chicken however people wanted. They sold ham, turkey, sausage, steak, cheese, and pork. The market also has aisles where customers can buy cookies, crackers, sauce, pasta, yogurt, drinks, breads, etc.

My group and I decided to buy five new foods and drinks we had never had before to try at the market. We bought “Stappi”, which was a red bitter soda drink. It was really sour. When I first looked at the drink it almost looked like a Shirley temple in a small glass bottle. When I then took a sip of it, it tasted like a normal good drink seltzer would. However, the aftertaste of it was almost stale and bitter. I was thinking inside my head, whether or not I should take another sip of this drink.

The second thing we got from the market was some homemade scali bread. The bread was definitely the best thing we got overall. It had a fresh and soft taste to it. So I definitely would recommend trying their bread because it was absolutely worth it. We then got some oil to dip our bread into. I wasn’t a huge fan of the oil we got because it almost had a burning feeling in my throat, which was very weird. However, everyone else really enjoyed it. I would definitely recommend trying the oil yourself. However the bread is no-brainer, you have to try it.

We then decided that if we went to some type of deli market then we should of gotten some type of meat or deli product. We bought some fresh sliced pepperoni. I believe I was the only one who actually tried the pepperoni. It had was a bit spicy, but not too spicy taste.

The last thing we bought to try was some type of cookie. It almost looked like a really thin waffle with powder on top of it. The taste of it didn’t really match what the item looked like. I thought it would taste somewhat like donut. The cookie actually tasted like a soft, fluffy and powdery bread.

Overall my experience at the market was fun. I was able to smell, see, and taste new foods that I never really thought about trying before. I would definitely recommend going to this market and trying a new food or drink. So if you want to try a new delicious and tasty drink or food then, pop on in to D’Errico’s Market.


Elizabeth Finn

Art Projects:


Artist Statement

I visited D'Errico's Italian market. I created marbleized Italian paper. It is a tradition done in Italy. I first started by getting two bins, and filling one with water. The other was filled with liquid starch. I then mixed water with paint until I found a certain consistency. Then I splattered the paint in drops and line creating different patterns. Then I used a comb, a piece of board with toothpicks attached, and mixed the colors. Then I placed a piece of paper on top of the paint. When I removed the paper the paint had attached to the paper. I placed that paper in the bin of water and rinsed of the excess starch. I left them to dry and then they were done. I was inspired by the beautiful pieces made by Italian artists, and had a fun and learning experience creating my piece. My goal for creating this was to embrace Italian art and create a piece that reminded me of my market. I found after one trial of working on this that it took practice. I become better at this craft and is something I am proud of. Overall I learned that this took practice and has showed me things don’t always turn out perfect. The pictures online were done by professionals but I feel my piece was done to the best of my ability. This shows me that doing new types of art can be fun but difficult.


My drama pieces are about the Italian folk tale A Dead Man In The Oak Tree. My two pictures represent the setting of my play. My poem is about my experiences at the market. That is what my pieces are about.


Program Notes

For my music piece I was inspired by Italo disco music. I listened to all of Mr. Field’s suggested pieces for inspiration and I tried to do Italian rap but the disco stood out the most. This stood out more than the rap because I liked the instruments and beats. I went into GarageBand and started playing the loops to find out which one would sound most like the disco. I figured out that the hip hop and R&B live loops were the best fit for my disco. In my piece it starts out with one loop that sounds groovy, and as you get into the middle you hear some R&B voices that I mixed up to make my Italo Disco. I hope you are inspired by my piece so you can go and create your own.


Artist statement

The artwork piece I made was Italian Marbleized Paint Paper. This basically looks like regular marble but, it is on paper. Italian Marbleized Paint Paper is important because its a very popular tradition in Italy. To create this piece of art the first thing you need are your supplies. You will need two tinfoil bins. One bin will just have water in it, this one is to wash out the starch. The start will be in your second bin. The bin with the starch is the one in which you will create your design that will then hopefully show up in some matter on your paper. To complete these steps you will need the following items; paint(any color), starch, water, and you will need a “comb” The “comb” isn’t really a comb that you use to brush your hair. It is basically toothpicks glued or taped to a piece of cardboard. You will use the “comb” to help create a design. The pieces I created were mainly black, white, silver, and gold. The message behind my artwork would be that, you can create a piece of art in whatever way and color you want. I took a risk using these dark colors, knowing that the black could overtake the artwork. This piece made me realize that sometimes taking a risk can be worth it. This definently isn’t what I imagined in my mind what my piece was going to look like.I thought my art piece was going to be colorful and bright. However it was the complete opposite, but I really enjoyed my final piece of work.


Program Notes:

I am doing a piece inspired by Italo Disco. My music piece has a quick beat and is largely electronic instruments. It will slowly build up in intensity as it goes through and will stay at relatively the same speed throughout its 1 minute and 17 second playing time. I made it by picking a bunch of hip hop loops and trying to make them work together. The first time I did it, it sounded really well, and I was mostly Improvising because I wasn’t sure how I wanted it to sound. This piece is mostly, improvisation, and yet it turned out really well.


These were our experiences for the market we visited, D’Errico’s. We went to the market and bought food to eat and learn about Italian cuisine. We all made an art piece that represented Italian culture which was either visual art, music, or a drama. We all also created a writing piece to advertise D'Errico's. We enjoyed our time at the market and hope you like our sparks page and you will visit there too!

By: Alex Allain, Abhi Singh, Cara Mancini, Elizabeth Finn, George Eiermann

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