Forge By: laurie halse anderson

The location is Valley Forge which 18 miles from Philadelphia. I would imagine this place as a very mountainous region.

The location is Valley Forge which is 18 miles from Philadelphia. According to my book Valley Forge is suppose to have a lot of trees and mountainous. During the winter it's suppose to be really cold.

My novel takes place during the Revolutionary Era in the year 1777. I would imagine this as a very harsh place to be because in the army there was barely food. During the winter it was very cold and people never had jackets back then.

In Valley Forge there are a lot of trees and it is very mountainous. The weather in Valley Forge is really cold. This makes me feel that it must have been hard as a person in that army during that time.

In the book it is very crowded at least 12,000 people are at Valley Forge. Those people who enlisted are very lazy because they don't do work. Also those people are very demanding. I would imagine this like there was no room to walk around in.

The main objects and clothing in the book is a sack and a musket. The sack is for carrying food and the musket is for shooting enemy's.

This book is very stressful for the the soldiers because the winter is affecting and how much work they have to do. The setting affects them because of the coldness and there isn't that much food to find.

There are two parts. The winter affects the story for the army because during the winter people don't want to work because it's so cold. The lack of food and there is barely any meat. Lastly the Revolutionary Era. Curzon is effected by this because he is still a runaway slave. He could be found by someone and given back to his owner. (Also Isabel but we don't know where Isabel is.) Curzon could be hanged or another punishment if he was found.


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