Save Our Seas! By Nicole Green

Welcome to my presentation about how polluting, tourism, overfishing and climate change can horrendously change the sea-life and our environment.

Over Fishing

Over-fishing is a harrowing hobby because if you over-fish you are running the supplies low for humans and for predators! Fishermen won't be able to fish anymore and have a very high possibility of losing their jobs!!! Then, the predators won't have any prey to feast on and their fate will lay in your hands.


Tourism... Atrocious!!! The more people there are, the more litter and pollution! This can suffocate the fish in a dreadful manor and you could easily stop lowering the amounts of sea-life there is by not littering!


Pollution is another abominable thing the human race do! It's very alike to tourism in its littering ways, but can very simply overthrow it! Pollution is much more substandard than tourism because unlike tourists, people who pollute are careless and don't mind that the fish and sea-life are dying.


Climate Change. The hotter/colder it gets, the reefs will start to die out. Also, people are taking bits and pieces of the coral reefs home and slowly demolishing the sea-life homes...! If their habbitats are destroyed, they won't have anywhere to live and they will die out and slowly be extinct.

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