Paradise Island: My Beachfront Utopia By Kailey cole

Shelter: A mid-sized beach hut, with AC, electricity, and plumbing, fully solar powered. Also a small tent can be used as a shelter when away from the beach hut on overnight island expeditions.

Food and Water: Once a week a helicopter flies in an order of supplies, food and water requested for the week. As well you are also able to hunt various animals on the island for food, or fish in the ocean, and there is a vast array of different fruits growing outside of my hut and throughout the island. There are also many streams and lakes that you can filter the water from and drink using your self-filtering water bottle.

Entertainment: I would have a dog to keep me company on my adventures, as I hike through the beautiful forests and mountain this island has to offer to see breathtaking sights hidden throughout this utopia. Back at my beach hut I would have wifi inside for Netflix and communication purposes as well as record player for music and a surfboard for days I would like to go surfing in the waves right off the beach.

Transportation & Recreation: I would have a horse as well as a kayak for transportation and recreational purposes, making traveling around the island, faster and more fun.

There are no spiders or scary insects on the island, and there are no wild animals that could be potentially dangerous to humans.

Clothing: Bikinis for days I'm simply staying around the beach as well as shorts and tank tops, there is only comfortable clothing. New clothes can be flown in with the weekly set of supplies upon request.

Weather: Weather is ranges from 20-30 degrees C, mostly sunny days though short periods of rain are fairly common.

Island Essentials: SPF 15 sunscreen, good hiking shoes, backpack, filtering water bottle, fridge/kitchen for storing and cooking food hunted/flown in weekly, dog, fishing rod, tent, kayak, and a camera to document journeys

"Seas The Day"

My Island's motto is "Seas the day" meaning to make the most of every day you have in this utopia. My tribe has very good outdoors-man skills - orienteering, hiking, hunting and camping skills making this ideal paradise very well suited to me and my tribe, the breakfast clan. This island is perfectly suited to the outdoors-type person, with the skills to work in the wildness and is free of threatening insects and animals, perfect for my tribe. This utopia is full of possibilities for adventures and expeditions exploring the island and all the beauty it has to offer. In my beach utopia a perfect world is created when you take the opportunity and "seas the day."

This island's symbol represents the infinite possibilities for adventure that it has to offer. The strength and power of the great wave represents the strength of our tribe when united as a whole.


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