Carving Ellie S.

At the very beginning I was trying to come up with an idea because I knew I wanted to make a carving since I already had a 3D print. Then I remembered this long lasting joke with me and my really good friend. The joke was every time someone said something me and my friend would say "Man That's Spicy". We continued to say it and everyone thought it was really annoying but we thought it was hilarious. So I decided to make a carving representing an amazing memory with my friend. I decided to make the letters black and the background white, and at the end my teacher and I decided to put a jalapeño pepper at the bottom to fill in space and make the saying make more sense. I thought it would be a really good idea to make the inside of the pepper white like the background to balance out the negative and positive shapes.

When I was drawing the 1st draft I drew an outline on the paper... then my teacher told me that the outline wouldn't work it easel, so I had to go to photo shop and erase it. This way the carving didn't have an outline on the outside.

Before we started to carve my piece we have to vacuum up the pieces left behind from the carving before mine. This way the the carving can have its own clean space.

Then we watched the magic happen, we had to secure the block before the drill but went in and carved, then we recorded the whole process. The drill bit followed the directions put on the computer became the computer sent the carve to the machine, then we began to carve!

I am really happy about how this turned out, I really liked the way it looks and how well it was carved. I love the jalapeño it really pulles the piece together. I love this carving so much and I would love to do it again!!

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