Abortion By vanessa sandoval

Abortion is a controversial topic. A lot of people believe that abortion is a woman's right and that she can do whatever she wants with her body. Abortion kills the life of a human, it is against God and his ways, and could cause harm against you.

Abortion should be illegal because everyone has their own right to live. A baby's life has begun way before it is born. As “When Does Life Begin” states, “A new individual human being begins at fertilization, when the sperm and ovum meet to form a single living cell”. If a cell is living, then it should have its right to live. It's not right to take the life of someone and its freedom. If someone is killing a child that was created by them and is living inside of them, then they should be charged. First degree murder can result to spending the rest of your life in prison. An interview with Jeff Brady tells about a doctor and the charges that were pressed against him. “ … was convicted of killing three babies and acquitted in the death of a fourth” (Brady). Dr Kermit Gosnell had to face the consequences of first degree murder and killing someone who's life had just begun.

Abortion is wrong under the eyes of God. Just like “Christianity and Abortion” tells that, “Churches teach that life begins at conception and thus any interference with this life is a moral crime” (Daniels). Religious or not, some people believe in morals. This life of ours is a privilege God gave us and we tend to throw it away and treat it like trash. Every life is important to this world and most importantly every life is important to God. Not everyone is against abortion and there will always be another side of every argument. Some responding will the fact that women have various reasons as to why they end a pregnancy (Daniels). If someone is sexually active then they should be responsible and face their own consequences. If your partner leaves you, then be strong and fight for both of your lives and move forward. Rape is the argument that is used the most. But why don't people see a baby as a gift from God? Everyone is sent to this world for a purpose. What if Roe V. Wade killed the baby that was sent to this world by God to cure cancer? No one knows why god does things but if there is belief in Him, then don’t throw away a gift as beautiful as the life of a baby.

The first right-to-live movement was led by some physicians who thought that abortion was dangerous and was morally wrong (Daniels). A physician has its own right during his/her education. They make the decision of whether or not they want to learn how to perform abortions. Many of the physicians chose not to simply because of the fact that some of them were thought that it is a sin to kill someone. Although nothing is proven that abortions harm the women, there could be some damage physically or mentally. In the same case regarding Dr Gosnell, came to the death of Karnamaya Mongar. She had went to visit Gosnell for an abortion and died in result of an overdose (Brady). She was given too much medication and not only did it kill her baby, but it killed her as well. Not saying that everyone will die from an abortion nor will they go mad. But some people could be mentally affected. Kenlissia Jones was arrested for taking an abortion pill she bought online. Her grandmother described her by saying “she was not herself anymore”. Mary Lee jones, the grandma, didn't know Kenlissia was pregnant and she thinks that she needs mental counseling.

Abortion should not be legal. It kills the life of a human, it is against God and his ways, and it could hurt you. To learn more about the rights to live, visit the National Right To Live website and find out more about unborn human rights.

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Vanessa Sandoval


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