What can Slender You® do for You? start your own business

A Slender You® studio: Plenty of opportunities in a growth market

Foresight is the essence of entrepreneurship. In times of recession it is important to invest in the future. Market developments also force employees in the fitness branch and operators of tanning studio’s and beauty centers to position themselves. The excellent Slender You® concept offers opportunities for successful entrepreneurship. For starters, our toning concept is the key to a successful company. After all, we are worldwide market leader in our branch. We would like to stay at the top and are convinced we will for the following reasons:

  • Because we believe in the power of our concept.
  • Because more and more people find a good figure, movement and health important.
  • Because we anticipate this development.
  • Because we think along with our entrepreneurs.
  • Investing in Slender You® is simple and profitable.
  • Entrepreneurship has never been that easy.

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Mike de Winter General Manager

Slender You® : Entrepreneurship with vision

Nowadays there are plenty of places to exercise and move. Regular fitness clubs experience competition from educational institutes, hotels and other accommodations. Besides, social service sector increasingly offers fitness facilities. You can even exercise in your own company. There are plenty of possibilities. More than ever it has become necessary to invest in concepts in order to distinguish yourself from competitors. Tanning studio’s also face a competitive market and try to position themselves better. Slender You® is a profitable formula and the shortest way to higher returns for all these kinds of accommodations. It’s the perfect chance for fitness centers, gyms and comparable accommodations to reach and bind new target groups. Especially elderly people and people with medical problems strongly appeal to this concept and can improve their shape considerably with our fitness equipment. Choosing Slender You® means choosing entrepreneurship with vision. It also means choosing the proven quality of a worldwide market leader, choosing customized financing and choosing professional marketing techniques.

Slender You®: Fulfilling a dream

Slender You® is the perfect opportunity for starters. We would like to help these pioneers fulfilling their dream. It might not be that obvious: Starting up an own business in times of recession. There are, however, plenty of people who give it a try. They choose independence, as permanent employment is nowadays finite as well. They choose entrepreneurship because they wish to fulfill their dream. Because they discover a gap in the market. Because they believe in the quality of their product. In the quality of the Slender You® concept for instance. An own Slender You® studio, with fitness equipment which has proven to influence the human body positively. Fitness equipment of a worldwide market leader which has been considered a leading company in the field of motorized gymnastics for many years. Another advantage: You don’t have to invest a lot of money for your own Slender You® studio. Even better: You will recover your investment fast, without too much fuss. Slender You® guarantees intensive guidance in starting up your own business.

Slender You®: exclusive area

Adding Slender You® to your current business activities or starting up an own Slender You® studio means access to a growth market, even in these times of recession. We guarantee an exclusive field of activity with sufficient potency, meaning positive economic prospects.

Slender You®: answers all questions

Anyone who starts up an own business has questions, even experienced entrepreneurs who wish to introduce a new concept. There are always questions. Will I earn enough money? Do I find new customers? Which building is suitable for my company or how do I create space in my current accommodation? How do I set up my administration? All relevant questions, especially in these times of recession. For this reason, Slender You® trains (starting) entrepreneurs. We think along with the entrepreneur, by means of financial advices and interesting, customized solutions which allow an own Slender You® studio, without intervention of banks and other financial institutions. If desired, a market scan can be carried out at a relatively small fee convincing you there are plenty of opportunities for a profitable company or new activity. The result will almost always be positive: Almost every research shows people are increasingly prepared to pay for health, wellness and a good figure. Due to the proportional rise in the ageing population the need to visit a Slender You® studio will only increase. Especially elderly people and people with medical problems strongly appeal to our concept and benefit from it.

Slender You®: Revolutionary and distinguishing

The Slender You® concept is revolutionary and distinguishing. It is not a coincidence we are worldwide market leader. Over 300 studio’s in Europe use our equipment, to the complete satisfaction of both operator and visitors. Especially women whose children don’t live at home anymore, strongly appeal to the Slender You® concept. A studio of your own is the perfect chance for them to develop themselves and fulfill their dream. Slender You® of course also welcomes all other people with entrepreneurial skills. More and more existing entrepreneurs in the fitness branch, gym owners and operators of tanning studio’s and beauty centers consider Slender You® as the perfect solution to complete their offer. For them, our equipment is the perfect tool to welcome elderly people and people with medical problems as new target group.

Slender You®: Optimal exercising

It’s obvious: regular exercising benefits health and body. Anyone who exercises now and then knows it by experience and scientific research has also proven it. Unfortunately many people consider physical exercising to be unpleasant and awkward. For this reason Bob Clark of Slender You® International developed an exercising concept which meets the consumer’s demands in the beginning of the eighties of the last century. This revolutionary Slender You® system was received with open arms and appeared to be successful not only in the United States but also in the Netherlands and in other European countries. Since then, the training methods have been further refined and adapted which resulted into six first-class devices which activate the various parts of the body optimally.

Target group | Our Slender You® Concept is suitable for several target groups. Below we describe the most prominent groups:

  • persons who wants to loose weight and work on their body at the same time
  • persons who like to be active and don't like daily routines
  • persons who want to use Slender You® as (rehab)training
  • persons with medical problems or injuries who want to keep training
  • persons who do not feel comfortable in regular gyms
  • persons who want to recondition and improve their figure, tighten their skin and get rid of their cellulite

Slender You®, what exactly is it?

  • a way of exercising by means of 6 motorized devices
  • blocks of ten minutes in which each part of the body is stimulated
  • one hour using Slender You® makes you feel fit and relaxed
  • focus on strengthening, relaxation and weight reduction of the muscles.
  • an extensive posture- and exercise package
  • a great way to reduce daily stress
  • a pleasant training to get and keep your body in shape.
  • a perfect support for diet and body enhancement
  • kinesotherapy for people with medical problems
  • effective for skin strengthening
  • perfect tool for fighting cellulitis
  • relaxation for both men and women, 16 years and older.

What can Slender You® do for my company:

  • generates more customers
  • new customer groups
  • positioning in the market
  • upgrades your product package
  • profitable formula
  • low investments compared to other equipment
  • fast return on investment
  • maximum result for your customer
  • requires small space
  • no new product but proven quality
  • professional marketing
  • exclusive area possible
  • low running costs
  • recognizable concept
  • experienced back up

Slender You®: Leading position

In the meantime Slender You® has grown into a leading figure- muscle conditioning system which doesn’t burden the body. The secret: The equipment carries full body weight. Slender You® will give your body energy and relaxation; your body will become stronger and more supple. Clients will leave your studio relaxed and satisfied. Slender You® has built a very reliable reputation in the medical world. The equipment serves all kinds of therapeutic purposes. Amongst others the Slender You® equipment is used for back-, vertebral- and joint problems.

Slender You®: A reassuring thought

The Slender You® concept includes more than just offering first-class fitness devices. Slender You® also means having access to a worldwide knowledge network, professional guidance and permanent support of your marketing activities. This distinguishes Slender You® from our competitors. An example is better than precept: The successful Slender You® concept is often copied, never that successful by the way. All the more reason to choose the proven quality of the Slender You® concept. You will benefit from our knowledge, reputation will become part of a solid and reliable organization. We don’t only offer a high-quality concept, we are also able to maintain this quality. A reassuring thought with a view to the continuity and profitability of your studio.