Academic Orientation Class of 2021

Welcome to The Prout School, where you will be a part of a tradition that was begun by the Sisters of Cross and Passion in 1966 when they opened the doors to Prout Memorial High School. The school is named after the foundress of their religious order, Mother Mary Joseph Prout.

The Prout School is a vibrant Catholic community that prepares the whole person for productive membership in the global community by fostering quality in spiritual, academic, artistic, and athletic pursuits.

A Community of Learners...

Our academic program includes rigorous college preparatory courses and an honors program that presents qualified students with the opportunity to take more academically demanding classes. We offer Advanced Placement options and the International Baccalaureate Program providing students with a unique educational opportunity.

A Community of Believers...

Campus Ministry seeks to be at the very heart of each student's experience at Prout. Through our Liturgical and Spiritual Life programs, our Service programs, and our Retreat programs, each student is challenged, encouraged, and inspired to grow in their own identity, their relationships with others, and most importantly, their relationship with God.

A Community of Friends...

Participation in Theater, Music, Athletics, and the many clubs and activities offered at Prout helps in meeting and making friends who share interests. It is the beginning of lifelong relationships.

Making Sense of the Program of Study

  • Your Program of Study (the courses you take each year in high school) is an important part of creating a successful future.
  • In planning out your Program of Study, it is important to reflect on your God-given academic, athletic, artistic, and community service talents and what you might want to do with those gifts after graduation.
  • Approximately 99% of Prout students attend college upon graduation; a few students over the years have joined a military service, the work force, or done a service program like City Year.
  • All colleges, military academies, and armed forces want to see students take the most rigorous course load for their particular abilities.
Graduation Requirements

Prout students must complete at least 24 credits to earn a Prout diploma. The credit requirements are listed in the student handbook. What appears below is the MINIMUM of study in each area through the four years at Prout. Please note that electives (5.5 credits) will round out the balance of your day and your credit requirements. All students must be enrolled in a course every period.

Religion (including 20 hours of Christian service each year) - 4 years

English - 4 years Physical Education/Health (Dance or Yoga and Wellness can substitute) - 4 years

Mathematics - 3 years

Science - 3 years

Social Studies - 3 years (including 1 yr. US History)

Foreign Language - 3 years (sequential in one language)

The Arts (Art, Dance, Music, OR Theater) - 1 semester

9th Grade Curriculum


Faith And Revelation - semester 1

Jesus, Word of the Father - semester 2

The Prout School Chapel

English 9 or 9h

Critical thinking and writing skills are studied through literature. Students learn academic thesis writing. The College Prep and Honors levels use different texts to challenge reading level and understanding of literary devices.

Western civilizations (cp or h)

This course covers Antiquity through the 19th century. It is concerned with cultural, political, geographic, and economic aspects of history.

Mr. Edmonds' Class

Foreign language

(CP or H) - 3 year sequence required

All students begin in Level 1 French, Italian, or Spanish. This is to facilitate the International Baccalaureate level in the senior year. IBO requires that students taking this course be this age as they sit for the final exam.

Biology 9 or 9h

Topics in Biology include: the cell, genetics, evolution, monera, protists and fungi, multicellular plants and animals, and ecology. These are studied through laboratory investigations and cooperative learning activities. The Honors level is more detail oriented, uses a text that is more challenging, and requires high level writing skills for successful completion of lab reports.


Algebra 1: part 1 and part 2

Algebra 1 part 1 and part 2 is offered over 2 years. The slower pace offers students time for increased practice and repetition as they master the concepts of Algebra 1. Midway through the second year, students will explore essential topics in Geometry in readiness for Algebra 2 in their junior year.

Algebra 1

This course is designed to develop proficiency in algebra skills, to improve logical thinking, and to expand the understanding of math concepts. It includes:

  • Factoring
  • Polynomials
  • Systems of equations
  • Coordinate geometry
  • Radicals

Algebra 1H

Honors students work at a faster pace, solve problems at a higher level of difficulty, and take topics from Algebra 2H.

Geometry H

This challenging course is offered to students who show a mastery of Algebra 1H and an innate math ability. If a student is a capable math student, ready to tackle what is ordinarily a sophomore course, we do not want them in the college prep level class. They need to be challenged at the honors level since they should be a true honors student if they are taking a course that is generally for the grade level above them.

Geometry H integrates geometry and algebraic concepts, and includes:

  • Reasoning
  • Formal proofs
  • Two column proofs
  • Congruence and similarity
  • Lines
  • Right triangle trigonometry
  • Areas of polygons
  • Regular polygons
  • Surface area and volume of geometric figures

The Math Placement Test will be given June 22, 9:00am for those who wish to test into a higher level than the assigned placement. Call 789-9262 x522 to register

Mr. Poulin, chairman of the Math Department giving extra help


"Not everything is good for everyone, and no one enjoys everything."

- Sirach 37:28

Foundation of Theater, Intro to Art, Chorus, Band, String Ensemble, Morning Choir, Computer. Science, Dance, Creative Writing

Physical ed / health


Dance/Advanced Dance

Yoga and Wellness

Can I Change Levels of Challenge?

You are able to move up or down in level of difficulty from grade to grade. This is done by achieving a 90 or above in the current level at the end of the first semester, and then maintaining that through the remainder of the year. For example, if you are in College Prep Western Civ and have 90, you are eligible to move into Honrs US History as a sophomore. Or, if you are already in Honors Western Civ and have a 90, you may choose to take AP US History in 10th grade.

If you are in an honors course and want to stay at the honors level in that discipline the following year, you need to have an 80 or higher at the end of the first semester.

Where does this all lead?
Advice from Current Freshmen
  • Start working on the first day, and never stop.
  • Do all of your homework on time.
  • Get involved. You meet more friends that way.
  • Don't be afraid to ask for help.

Welcome to the prout school!

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