My Dog, Lilly

The song i was gonna add was The Way By Zack Hemsey but i couldn't figure out how to add it in.

My dog Lilly has been around my whole life until i was twelve.
Lilly liked to eat all of our food all the time.
Lilly would sit by the fridge all the time and not move for hours.
Lilly liked to play with my other dogs.
We came home from the fair and found her dead in her cage. She had a tumor removed 3 weeks prior to that and she had 2 more growing and we knew it was only a matter of time. Nobody even wanted to talk anymore that day. That was one of the first times i ever saw my dad cry.

1. To remember the loved ones that have past away. 2. Paper crafts, pictures, objects to remember the ones that have passed away. 3. Remember them and have a funeral for them. 4. It made me realize that you could have a get together with your family to honor your loved ones that have passed away.


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