The Beauty Within view from my window assignment by jenna capitelli

How my family and I are spending our quarantine.
My dad's view from the office. He spends most of his time in here, working to support us through this tough time.
My siblings have spent most of their time in their rooms. While my brother's view is the backyard, my sister has a street-view. Most of my neighbors have stayed inside, but it's possible to sometimes catch a glimpse of normalcy.
FaceTime has been a necessity for my siblings and I. Because of social distancing, this is the only way we can communicate with our friends and significant others. I didn't have the chance to get a picture of my brother on the phone, but I feel like I would've gotten the same look from him.
Mom has been trying to keep herself busy. She's been spending most of her time downstairs, cleaning every room she sees. She's been trying to go outside in the backyard as much as she can for some fresh air, but there hasn't been many nice days.
As for me, I've been trying to be as productive and creative as I can be. I've been looking for new angles to capture and projects to create, as well as completing my school work. Continuing a routine is important for me, since it gives me something positive to think about.
While completing this project, I found one window that perfectly framed my subjects. I felt that the square also resembled the feeling of being trapped and confined to one space.

Overall, we need to come together as a country to get through this time of isolation. Flatten The Curve.

Created By
Jenna Capitelli


Taken By: Jenna Capitelli