Art is Everywhere

I grew up in an artistic family. If you weren't artistic, you were scientific. My grandmother would decorate cakes and cookies, make clothing, draw and paint ceramics. My grandfather created wooden toys and furniture. My dad, after he was a truck driver, etched/sand blasted glass. My mom used to use watercolor paint. My oldest sister was the family artist, she even became an Art Teacher at the Western Pennsylvania School for the Deaf. My second oldest sister was the Physics Major, but she did have an ear for playing the Alto Saxophone.

There was a time that I wasn't a good artist and I was terrible with an instrument. But I tried, and I never gave up.

I remember my first drawing was one of the characters from Mario Party (the fun party game for the GameCube). My mom, sisters and I played that game all the time, sometimes with our neighbor too. We would start playing at 7 PM and we would keep playing till 3 AM the next morning.

If we weren't playing video games, such as, Mario Party, Donkey Konga (where you bang electronic bongos to the beat of songs), and Mario Kart, we would also play card games (like UNO, Cards Against Humanity) and board games (Sorry, Clue, 1313 Dead End Drive).

February 25, 2019

I was so excited to know that I could draw. I started to draw more and more, trying to perfect my skills. When I was older (in middle school) I would paint ceramics with my grandmother as well as make cookies, cakes, pretzels and bread.

Though this is a Stock image off of Adobe Spark, this is what my grandmother did. She took a blank mold, and she made something spectacular. Even if it was something small and simple like this Snowman.

And if it was something more complicated, like this Stock image, she knew how she was going to recreate this.

And to this day, at 90, she still paints and she still has a steady hand.

There is art in everything we do, whether that is in the nature we live in or in the things we do every day. I find that beauty is in everything. From the way someone looks or dresses down to the smallest leaf in the Autumn time.

Not only is there beauty in what we see, there is beauty in what we hear, how many times have you heard a melody or listened to the lyrics and started to cry or became happy because the words were so moving?

I might not have been able to play a single instrument, but it doesn't mean that I didn't appreciate it. My sister and my neighbor were apart of Marching Band in High School. It was amazing to see them practice the music and when it was nice out, to see them practice where they had to step and go (outside our house on the road). It's what made me want to try my hand at music, which I was tone deaf to. Though, in High School, I did join Choir, even if I was sub-par to it. But I still liked it, and now I wish to accomplish two things: 1. To read music and 2. To learn the Guitar.

Hope to learn at least the basics of playing a Guitar.
My High School career.

The little collage above is what my 4 years in High School was like. I knew how to draw so I took drawing classes to better my skills. This then made me try new areas. I had no idea how much I loved watercolor and acrylic paints, how I loved seeing the colors mix on the palette to try and get that ONE color you need, and you see that color in your mind's eye. We even tried our hands at ink and wax. Our art teacher would cut up pieces of fabric and bed sheets to have us practice using ink and wax together. And what was really amazing was the fact that she allowed me to take an entire pillow case to work on because she knew I would do something amazing with it.

I still have that pillow case, I don't use it because I don't believe I got all the wax out of it and because I don't want to ruin it.

As school progressed, I decided to try my hands at pottery. We had a Ceramics I class and I thought I could do well with it because I could make a rose out of clay. Ceramics didn't last long because I transferred out of it a few weeks in. I had an interest in coding. I learned coding for 2 years and it was amazing, I just wish that interest stayed.

In our Intro to Java class, one of the first assignments was to draw with coordinates. We took a simple image and we have to write down the X,Y Coordinates and then put the coordinates in our coding. And if the coordinates were written down and typed in correctly we could see our drawing in the output. And we even created colors in coding. It was a new and exciting experience that will always make me love coding.

To me this is art. This code can create anything the coder wants it to.

March 3rd, 2019

Sometimes I did wish that I had more ambition to have a career in coding, but the mathematics were a little much.

But I never got sick and tired of drawing, I always felt at peace with it. I could never make a career out of that, but it was a nice mindless thing to do.

Art is one of those things that you can spend 5 minutes to several hours on. Art can be anything we want it to be and anything that we make it. There are many different medias to be used for art.

In my one art class, we used small cardboard boxes to recreate Valentine’s Day boxes, like the ones that we created back in Elementary school. Doing this project made you think about the times growing up where you sat there for hours just coloring in a Coloring Book and even though you didn’t draw in the lines it was still an achievement that we all enjoyed.

This is just a stock photo, but this was my inspiration for my Valentine's Day Box.

I remember as a kid finger painting and getting the paint everywhere, on my face, my clothes and whatever was near me at the time just to create a big jumbled pile of a mixture of every color paint I had. And using chalk on our Cul-De-Sac road (because we don’t have sidewalks where I live) to just let your imagination take control even if all you could draw was a box to make Hopscotch. I even remember playing with Play-Doh and “accidently” combining the colors even when my parents told me not to. Or playing with Silly-Putty and getting that stuck in my hair or on my clothes. (Boy, did my parents not like me when I did that)

Childhood memories with Stock photos.

Thinking back to my childhood, I can reminisce about the wonderful times I had, but at the same time I can’t help but feel sad that that innocence is gone. Wiped away and buried by work, responsibilities, duties and making sure everything is going right so I can make sure I have a good job.

March 20, 2019

I miss scrapping my knees, getting my hands dirty with chalk and dirt, running into the water and playing in the sand with a stick creating weird symbols. If I were to do that now I’d probably break my leg and I probably would have the cops called on me for being a public nuisance.

It’s amazing how children can say and do just about anything, but young adults and adults get frowned upon if they were to do the exact same. Granted some kids did run around with scissors or might have said something inappropriate and adults find those things funny only because they have no idea where the child might have learned such grown-up words.

I think artists are in the middle of children with their infinite creativity and imagination and adults with the responsibilities and duties. Artists can find that the everyday mundane life can be beautiful and exciting. They can make something out of nothing if given the chance.

Whether that is buying a pair of white canvas shoes and painting them, so they have a little pep in their step. Or maybe to take a trip to the middle of nowhere to take pictures of what they see and find. Have you ever seen a frozen waterfall? That must be the most beautiful work of art Mother Nature could ever make.

Or the sea after a storm? We currently live on one of the most beautiful works of art ever created known to man (since we do not have the technology to check out the other planets… that we know of).

I know all our artistic tastes are different, for instance, I don’t understand the Girl with the Pearl Earring. I don’t even see an earring. But that is just me.

Unless the pearl is a hanging earring, but aren't most pearls studs?

March 31, 2019

I’ve been thinking a lot about what I wanted for Christmas (2018 Christmas). I got these water colored markers. The markers have paint in them, and they are tipped like any other paint brush. The set comes with a water droplet to create the water part in watercolor.

This is what I want to be able to do.
The funny thing is, I only ever worked with watercolor once, but I thought it was time for me to branch out and use another media style other than the traditional pencil.

I’ve been so busy with working on making sure I pass my classes and working during the weekends that I forget that I wanted to do something for myself. I can’t wait for when this Semester ends to finally try it out.

But I don’t know where I would start. I wonder if everyone has this problem, writers, poets, authors, musicians, painters… artists in general. It really does suck to have an idea of what you want to do but have no way or ability to execute that said idea.

I know it has to be as simple as pen to paper, but what if you do start it and the next thing you know that horse you decided to draw has a weird wing and six legs? Or what if you start writing the beginning chapters of a book but then you start having ideas for another book or another scene? You can’t just stop what you are doing to write those down, but if you don’t then you won’t remember what those ideas were.

I wonder if this is why artists are so troubled. Not only do you have to like what you are doing and need the general public to like what you are doing, but you need some organization skills in your mind just to have a clue to what you need to do, because artists are not organized outside their minds. (I have seen my sister’s room, especially after she starts painting on a big canvas. Or she decides to create a cement mold of her hand in the middle of our kitchen floor…

April 10, 2019

Speaking of my sister, she used to be a great photographer. I think I always liked her black and white photos, especially the ones of her cat.

Such a fluffy ball.

Anyway, I always liked the vintage look black and white photos gave. There was always something old to them, even though they could have been just taken.

I also like the way polaroid’s look. Now those give you a vintage feel. I remember my cousin having this polaroid camera and it made me want to get one myself, only because it would give me a more intimate use of a camera and because I like the materialistic aspect of it.

I like holding a book and reading It verses holding a Kindle and reading a screen. So, it is only natural that I would like to be able to hold a photo in my hand than to scroll my Gallery on my phone.

The more I talk about this, the more excited I get about wanting to be able to try something new. To try something a little more adventurous and to get way out of my comfort-zone with.

It would be nice to try and experiment with.

It’s like trying out a new game that you did not get to play yet. Even though it has been out for a while, it is still new to you. And since you already know about it, there is nothing wrong with looking up tips and tricks of how you are to play it.

That was me when I finally started to play Assassin’s Creed. It’s been out for forever and I finally got to play it. It only took me 4 days to complete it and I was hooked.

I have a feeling this is what getting a polaroid camera is going to be like.

April 20, 2019

My order is in and will be expecting the camera and film to arrive within the week.

This is what I am getting

If I get this excited over a few markers and a new camera I wonder if artists get this excited to get or buy new products for their works. I remember my sister always buying new art supplies that she still hasn’t used.

That reminds me of when I wanted to try digital art. I got this device to try to use and the program to use and I never touched it.

Was it because I never had time? Or that I didn't want to try it? Or did I just not know where to start and got frustrated?

May 5, 2019

There is much to art that we are still discovering and trying to figure out. There is music, TV/movies, drawing, painting, photography, and even looking at art.

Some of use have the ability to create masterpieces and others like to look at those masterpieces.

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Katherine Denig


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