Devon's Number the Stars Book Diary by Devon

war I think war is two side fight on one thing. loud poping of guns soud of pepil yelling. Thing blowing up and the smell of gun powder. The smoke of fire and the boms drop the nasty tast of smoke.

I think the pepil in those conterys fellt nervis scard friding.

Community I think neighbors are pepil that look at you to see who are. If you are nice they will be nice back to you but not to nice.I will hellp pepil with food and shelter.

star david

i think its about a kid who is a germin or nizi and he is telling his story of his life.If he was germin he would tell the scareness of the war.If he was in the nizi he or she will be brave

vocablory words


man vs man as the officer relest ellens hire as soon as papa hand him the picher.

man vs natcher Mrs.rosen was seasick even though we were not on the water vary long when we were going to sweetin.

man vs solocy Her hart stop seemed to skip a beat Haile! the soldier orderd in a stern voice then the secind soldier came around the corner

man vs himself would annemarie sat there in bed sead woul;d i project the rosens and the jews







lanky and stocky

:She was a stocky ten-year oldnlike lanky Annemarie(page1)

Based on this sentence,these words are comparing the girls.It is decirbring their physical feaueras which are opposiite becuse it uses the word unlike

lanky means tall and skinny. Stocky means big and bulky

suffix- y, relarting to or filled with, other words messy cheesy, lucky

wailed "wait for me! wailed little kirsti pelf me behind


literary analysis

be one of many. be sure tht they never have a reaason to remember you face1.what do you think mama by this?

Mama says Be one of many. " I think this means

1 so that they don't come after them. and to the family safe. so the gards don't kill them.

2 do not feel bad becuse they aren't the onily ones that has this done for them.

they would seround them in a circil them like row apon rows of bodyguards.Keep them safe in thare homes and be bodyguards

Annemrie feels frightened and nervis and confusd in chapter 3

I think that she fells thae same in chapter 5 she is nervis confust and frightened she is scard.

Her and elln are the bestist friends Annemarie said i don't know if i would die for eany one but i think the she would die for elln and elln would do the same for annemarie that is what the star of david would be for the best friends.Is the star of david showing the friend ship.


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