The Witch of Agnesi Karyma farmer

Maria Agnesi or "The Witch of Agnesi" was born May 16, 1718 in Milan.

Maria was famously known for her creation of her curve. (xy2=a2(a-x).

When Maria was young she grew up in a wealthy literate family. Her father at the time was a professor at the University of Bolgna. In her youth, she spent most of her time studying and learning. She learned 7 different languages, studies ballistics and geometry.

Maria grew up to be the first woman to write a mathematics handbook. Famously credited with writing the first book discussing differential and calculus. She suffered a illness at 12 which payed a big toll on her studying although she still kept trying and she didn't gave up. Maria was the eldest of 21 after her father remarried twice after her mother died.

She published at the age of nine with an entire essay in Latin stating higher education for women. By the age of 20, she was a renowned scientist and soon was a professor at the University of Bologna.

At the age of thirty she had consent from the pope. Later on she devoted all of her time to her religion. Maria devoted the last 4 Dee adds of her life studying theology and devoted her time to much charitable work.

  • January 9, 1718 , France declares war on Spain.
  • August 25. 1718, New Orleans was founded; hundreds of French colonists arrive to Louisiana.
  • March 5, 1770 the bastion massacre occurs.

  • "The Witch of Agnesi" by Robert Spiller
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