Electrical Engineers By: Ethan swann

Job Description

Electrical engineers design and create electrical products. They are also responsible for designing, developing, and maintaining electrical systems.

Working Conditions/Environment

Electrical engineers work in a variety of places. From laboratories, offices,and even on site at power stations, electrical engineers can work almost anywhere where there is electricity. as for the work conditions, they usually need to be careful due to the fact that they are always working with electricity. They work regular hours and can work inside and outside.

Job Outlook

The need for electrical engineers is growing, but a terribly slow rate. The projected growth rate of employment of electrical engineers is 1% by 2024.

EDUCATION: In order to be an electrical engineer, you need at least a bachelors degree in electrical engineering. In high school, you might want to take some math and science classes to prepare you.


Electrical engineers usually make around $93,3010 a year.


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