Tattoo Artist by: Alexandra Benedict

I have chosen to research the career of a tattoo artist. I chose to research this topic because its fascinating how you can take a needle and ink and turn it into this beautiful design. I also find it fascinating on how such ordinary things like that, can help create such a beautiful and magnificent piece of work. The machine used, is built so that is you push on a petal electricity flows through the little machine and pushes the needle down so that it can get the ink into the skin.

Nature of Work

If an artist works in a shop the owner will most likely want some of the profit the artist makes while tattooing. The owner believes this is fair because they are letting you use their shop, and it helps go towards the profit and bills of the shop. The artist is paid only by the customer not by the shop owner at all. Artist that don't work in a shop could charge more in the winter, and would have a harder time finding customers. When winter goes around the cold causes skin to dry and most people don't want a tattoo in this time because of that. Also in the summer if you are swimming then you get to show off your tattoo.

Tattoo of a skeleton hand on hand.

Working Conditions

Some tattoo artist start off in a shop, then progress to being on their own. The equipment used for tattoos need electricity, so it would be difficult for an artist to tattoo outside. If the artist is by themselves then they could travel to the customers house. The artist could also tattoo in their own home, of course the area and everything around the equipment and ink would have to be kept clean, some artists are very smart and keep their equipment in boxes that can open and close easily.

This was on the calf of a man.


If the artist is in a shop then it is up the owner to decide the attire. If the owner does not decide then they could give you a uniform. If you don't work in a shop then wear what makes you comfortable, but clothing that covers would be a better idea.

The attire of an artist can vary.

Training and Preparation

Art classes in high school, or fine art classes in college are a good preparation. The artist needs a license to be able to tattoo safely or legally if in a shop. Some states require a high school diploma, or a GED before you are allowed to tattoo.


The earnings depends on the artist you go to. Some shops will tell you what to charge but most don't. An artist can charge you by how many hours it takes to do your tattoo, or they could give you a price based on how large or small the tattoo is. The size of the tattoo is mostly what determines the price of the tattoo.

the equipment needed to tattoo (not included are the tubes and needles).


There is no advancement to a tattoo artist unless you are in a shop. If in a shop then you have the manager, and owner. If on your own then you don't really have that option unless you start your own shop. If on your own then you have to manage everything by yourself. Some artist who are by themselves have a partner, in hopes of creating a shop.

Most artists only advance art wise. So either their work will get better, or it stays the same. That is how they advance.

Job Outlook

The availability of tattoo artists keeping their jobs is slimming, but more on the fact that it is the artists fault. Some don't take care or clean their equipment, so that could cause it to go away. I think that it will always be around, because no matter what its there and some people use it to show their religion or to honor a family member. It is avalible to anyone you can even do it yourself with a needle and ink, but its easy to do if you know what you want, and are able to

Related Occupations

There are many related occupations to a tattoo artist, anything that involves an artistic eye and hand is related. Things such as a fashion designer, a graphic designer, a floral designer, an art director, a craft artist. Those are just some of the occupations there are fine arts, illustrator, painter, sculpture, commercial and industrial designer, there is a limit less amount of occupations.

An illustrator is an occupation that could be a possibility.

Accurate or Inaccurate

Accurate, because i have grown up around, from what i can remember at least. I don't know anything else, I've been driven to this occupation. I have done everything i know just so i can do this, its a skill that really uses every part your mind to focus on. I have seen it done and its fascinating to me, it is amazing.

This is a before and an after picture of the piece of artwork.

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