Cool Weather Wedding hints and ideas

The Weather

When it comes to your ‘Plan B’ or backup venue, it is essential that you have both discussed this preferably the day before the wedding. It goes without saying that everyone wants to keep your ceremony exactly at your chosen location, but sometimes Mother Nature has other ideas. The wind is blowing over the chairs, the rain is falling too heavily, or people waiting can't feel their fingers and toes. That's when it's time to head indoors. When the elements start to work against us, I will talk to the groom (person waiting at the ceremony site), and they will make the call. That is why it is vital that you are both 100% on the same page here as to what you both want. It’s important to remember brides that your partner is the one standing at the location seeing the effects of the weather and you need to trust their judgement and opinion.

Keeping your guest and bridal party warm and dry

When the weather is cooler having some blankets for your guest is a great idea (it’s a must really). Big W and Ikea sell many colours for a good price ($4-$5). Guests often dress for the reception and not the ceremony, and they can get cold quickly. I would do a count for the older guests so that they are super warm and the younger guests can bring an extra layer! For your bridesmaids (guests too) little pocket hand warmers are also a great idea as they can hide them behind their flowers while they are standing next to you. Or even put them in their shoes to keep their feet warm. I use them all the time for winter weddings. Umbrellas in case it starts to rain are also a good idea and can be used when you are having photos with your bridal party after the ceremony.


Everyone likes to have a drink or two before the big event, but please remember to keep it at that, just 1 or 2. I cannot marry you if you are under the influence of alcohol and or drugs! The same goes for the witnesses. Very rarely is this an issue but sometimes nerves set in and we drink more than we usually would. Remember there is plenty of time for that after the ceremony. As long as you can legally drive a car, I can marry you.


If you have them, please ask me. Remember it’s your wedding day, and you need to know all the details, and there is no such thing as a silly question. I should know because I ask lots of questions, all the time.

The most important thing to remember is to have fun and enjoy the big day!

The fantastic photographer of all these photos is Sarah from Little Car Photography. Contact her here

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