Broken World By The Interrupters

Fight The Good Fight

2018 | Punk

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“From the bottom of our hearts, to the top of our lungs. -- We're crying out for unity, and the battle's just begun. -- Let love be your foundation. -- Let wisdom be your guide. -- 'Til the problems that we're facing, can no longer divide a broken world.”


  • Fight The Good Fight hit #141 on the Billboard 200 & #2 on the Independent Albums Chart.
  • The album was produced by Tim Armstrong of Rancid, Operation Ivy & The Transplants.
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Luke Tatum

Stand up and do what's right! The world is broken and we ought to take some responsibility for it! Let's fix a few problems together, shall we? As Jordan Peterson would say, "Be a little bit of a light in this world, instead of a blight." We're encouraged here to get in touch with our humanity. Instead of hating our political opponents, can't we value human life? Pull a drowning man or woman to shore. Feed someone who is starving. "What you gonna be remembered for?" Hopefully not being bitter scrooges. And no, I'm not talking about passing laws for expanded welfare. I'm talking about helping yourself. Directly.

Sherry Voluntary

Writing for this project has introduced me to The Interrupters and I’m glad for it. They’re a completely listenable punk band. This song is essentially about something that is near and dear to my heart: community. Something that libertarians don’t get the opportunity to get around to very often because we’re having to explain to people who will build the roads. For me though the real beauty of libertarianism lies in what happens after State domination ends. When people are able to live the principles in a free society and start to re-establish the bonds of family and community that The State has so damaged. Hard luck and tough times are always around the bend, that’s just the nature of life and we will need to rely on our communities.

Nicky P

They simply refuse to let me down it seems. When all punk bands continue to get increasingly woke, The Interrupters stay their course and keep cranking out solidly libertarian odes to fighting governmental power and over-reach. I feel as thought the song could only have been written during the Trump era or the civil rights era here in the states. In both situations it feels as though some organization has a vested interest in keeping people from realizing how they are being subjugated. This song feels even more prescient today after the events of our past weekend where a gay Asian journalist was assaulted and milk-shaked (possibly containing liquid cement) by white activists for covering antifa during a clash with a conservative movement. We are beyond discourse, we're in the era of violence it seems. Reason doesn't seem to be in the lefts vernacular, they would rather unperson you and make sure you die of starvation. Sounds reasonable right?

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Nicky P

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