The ASPCA has spoken out against breed-specific legislation, stating that the rule is just too complicated to enforce. It is difficult to qualify which dogs can be classified as a pit bull, since many dogs’ bloodlines are too complex to trace and have a lineage traced to multiple different breeds. This exact problem is why Jody feels that they have every right to keep Brixley, who’s part pit bull and part bulldog. “How can you make a blanket coverage over a breed of dog when you don’t ever meet the dog?” Jody Nilson asks, with genuine confusion and anger piercing her words. After receiving this letter Jody went into action. She got a DNA test done to prove that Brixley was in fact only part pit bull. The test results validated her claim, showing that Brixley’s lineage was part bulldog and part pit bull. Jody has provided the home owner’s association with this evidence, but still has not gotten word on whether they will be able to keep their dog and have the fines and property lien lifted. “If it continues after this, we’re going to have to sue them, the homeowner’s association, if, you know, anything transpired after we’d given them the picture and the identifiers from the vet, because they’re discriminating, they’re targeting, and that’s not legal.”


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