Homework? Necessary or Not??

By Garrett Lewis

Often people don’t enjoy homework. For some, homework is not too strenuous. It may only take thirty minutes to complete an entire day’s worth of assignments. But for many students, it is a stressful, lengthy process which leads people to question if homework should exist.

Ms. Sanok, ninth and tenth grade English teacher, stated, “Yes homework has a purpose. It is meant to reinforce the day’s lesson.” She continued, “A lot of times, we get bogged down in class, so in order to move forward, some assignments have to be completed at home.”

Some teachers are less concerned with homework.

History teacher Coach Walker stated, “I don’t believe that giving homework would help my class learn the material. The way history is, you just have to remember information, like dates and people. You can’t give homework for that.”

Students have differing opinions.

Students have differing opinions.

Senior Chris Torres said, “Homework does not serve a purpose. I have enough stuff on my plate after school. I play two sports which takes up a lot of time. If I add in homework, I don’t have time for any kind of social life.”

On the other side of the debate, junior Reagan Tate said, “I don’t mind the homework, unless it’s busy work. If it helps me to understand a topic then it’s a good thing.”

In fact, a surprising 4 out of the 9 people interviewed stated that they did not mind having homework most nights.

Freshman Nicholas Beldyk commented on his course homework.

“Yeah, it’s more homework than I’ve ever had, but it’s nothing compared to what I hear upper classes are like, so I don’t complain,” Beldyk said.

While it is generally known that sophomore and junior year workload does show an increase compared to freshman year, many of this year’s senior class have been doing little to no homework. They either have no homework assigned or just opt out of doing it anyway, with hopes that they can get out of the assignment all together.

Senior Sibeal McGrath said, “I almost never do homework. In my math class, as long as I turn all my assignments in before the end of the quarter, I won’t get penalized.”

Senior Natalie Perry joined in on the discussion, stating, “I do what homework I have throughout the day. So, while I get assignments, I never do them at home. If you aren’t using you’re school time effectively, when you get home, you’ll have even less drive to get it done.

Unfortunately for most students, the research backs the “Pro-Homework” stance.

Duke University’s Professor Harris Cooper did a study that showed positive correlation between homework and student success. Cooper’s study also showed that as students get older, homework helps even more. Meaning that high school and college students benefit the most from the workload they are given.

So how do students handle the copious amounts of work they may be given? Some find that getting ahead by using Moodle gives them more free time down the road. Setting aside designated work time, without distractions, also leads to more efficient homework time.

Quicker homework time means more time to do fun things...like anything else.

Senior Thomas Kollie said, “The best way to get over my hate for homework is to make it as enjoyable as possible. I’ll put on some good music, get really comfortable, and take breaks as I need them. I don’t get it done as fast, but it doesn’t feel like work when you’re having fun.”

Homework is just a fact of life, like death and taxes, and while people can strive to make it more enjoyable or less strenuous, it continues to exist.


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