Froghorn 23rd October 2020

Headteacher's Corner

Dear Parents/Carers

This has been a first half term like no other. Against a backdrop of continued uncertainty and concern, the business of school has carried on and students have busied themselves with their learning. We may have had to find new ways to do lots of the things we do, but find them we have and school life has continued. I am immeasurably grateful to the staff, who have worked incredibly hard to make sure that the atmosphere in school is positive and purposeful, despite the emotionally challenging reality of working amidst a bustling school community whilst, in the rest of our lives, we limit our contacts considerably.

We were really pleased by the ‘attendance’ at our first two online parents’ evenings. Thank you to the parents who gave feedback about these events. Many parents expressed that they found the format just as positive as normal – in fact, lots preferred it being online! We always enjoy parents’ consultation evenings ourselves as they provide such an important opportunity to take stock of progress and work in partnership to agree goals for the future.

Two weeks ago, we finally managed to conclude the longest head girl/boy recruitment process… ever! The candidates delivered their speeches in assemblies the week before the lockdown commenced. Then, due to all of the uncertainty, we delayed the vote until all students were back in school. The final shortlist of 6 candidates (3 for each position) were interviewed by the outgoing head boy and girl, Josh and Lily, our new chair of governors and me. We put them through an incredibly tough interview and, as ever, our outstanding students acquitted themselves superbly. We could have appointed any pair from the phenomenal shortlist. In the end, due in large part to their thoughts about what the Frogmore family needs in this time of crisis, Rajan Preece and Abby Metcalfe were selected. I have no doubt that their leadership of the student senior team will enable it to continue to build on the impressive legacy of the teams which have gone before.

Rajan and Abby presented with their head boy and head girl ties.

Head boy, Rajan and head girl, Abby

The eagle-eyed amongst you may have noticed a certain absence this half term. Especially those of you who are more social-media-savvy… We have not ‘tweeted’ about our weekly #FlourishingAt Frogmore award winners. Ordinarily, I would meet with all of the award winners at break time on a Friday. However, the current arrangements in school mean that I cannot meet with students from different year group bubbles at the same time. We have still been awarding the badge and you will find a summary with pictures of some of the award winners later in the Froghorn.

Students have, overall, been great at taking responsibility in and around school. I have written to parents separately about the additional measures we will be implementing from after half term. However, I would ask you to remind your child of the importance of sustaining their adherence to the Covid-secure measures (hand sanitising, respiratory hygiene, one-way routes) for the remainder of the term. We take our responsibilities as a community campus very seriously and, therefore, I need to ask you to encourage your child to be considerate of the students and parents at Potley Hill Primary School, especially at the end of the day. Students should follow the path as they leave the site; there have been some reports of students walking through primary PE lessons when they cut across the field. As well as showing a lack of respect for the staff and students at Potley, this represents a potential Covid-transmission risk. There have also been concerns expressed about some students hanging around with friends who are waiting to collect younger siblings from Potley Hill. It is essential that we support Potley Hill in minimising congestion at collection time and, therefore, only those students who are collecting siblings should be waiting. Finally, please can I remind parents and carers of Frogmore students to use the leisure centre car park for drop-off and collection? This alleviates congestion in the lower car park, which can then be used by Potley Hill parents exclusively. Thank you for your support with these matters.

These remain deeply uncertain times. As we return after the half term break, there will continue to be many things that we need to find new ways of doing: charity fundraising days, more parents’ evenings, Christmas events, to name but a few. Through all of this, we will maintain our central focus on creating conditions in which everyone is safe, confident and able to learn.

Take care

Chris Vaudin – Headteacher

We have a full calendar of events throughout the year. Click the link below to view them.

We are three weeks into a month associated with many things such as the season of autumn and a time where, for one night on the 31st, it is acceptable to walk out of the house in a white sheet and call it a ‘costume’.

The importance of October, at least for me and many others, is Black History Month. It’s a time where the people of African and Caribbean descent celebrate our rich past and histories and also look towards our prosperous futures. At times it can feel like our positive contributions to the world gets hidden by a curriculum that doesn’t teach it or just from lack of knowledge.

So, I urge anyone who reads this to learn a new fact today. Learn about the black heroes of World War I and II, research about black inventors and engineers or, if you’re more interested in modern topics, have a look at black singers, artists and influencers that have forever changed the industry.

A few minutes of research would only scratch the surface but any attempt to learn and educate means a lot.

Always remember that Black History and excellence isn’t just for a month – It’s constant.

Written by S.Chibisa, Y11


Harley received his F@F badge for outstanding effort and skill during design and technology from Mr Barfoot. Billy received his F@F badge from Miss Stevens for consistent commitment in lessons and inventive choreography. Ollie was awarding his F@F badge from Mrs Peddie for his hard work and contributions in French. Olivia received her F@F badge from Mrs Downes for her conscientious and tenacious attitude in English. Tom was awarded his F@F badge from Mrs Thompson-Bowen for helping his fellow year 7s with their organisation. Megan received her F@F badge from Mrs Heape for outstanding presentation on the impact of weather on people. And Tracy, from our PTA, was awarded a F@F badge from Mr Vaudin for all her hard work coordinating the uniform sales in unusual circumstances.

Kudos Points Update

Year 7 Football and Netball Club

The PE department is delighted to be starting some extra-curricular clubs after half term. Year 7 boys' and girls' football club will be on a Wednesday after school on the astro at 3 - 4pm. Please come down to the changing rooms to change into your PE kit and don't forget your shin pads. If you are wearing boots, please make sure they are moulds only and not metal studs.

Year 7 netball club will also be on a Wednesday after school in the sports hall from 3 - 4pm. Please come down to the changing rooms to change first. If there are more than 30 of you, we will be outside so don't forget your warm PE top too.

All year 7s are welcome whether you are an experienced player or new to the sport and fancy giving it a go. We can't wait to see you all there.

Years 8 - 11, we haven't forgotten about you, so watch this space for news on your clubs coming soon.

Messages from our Child and Family Support Worker

Hampshire CAMHS

Some of our students' letters written about their experiences during the Coronavirus lockdown were sent for consideration to Hampshire CAMHS to compile a book called 'The Covid Letters'

We would like to congratulate those students whose honest account of their time during lockdown was both inspirational and moving.

Help Keep Hampshire Safe This Term

Hampshire County Council has asked us to share the following important public health message with you all:

Coronavirus infections are continuing to rise, and Hampshire is on ‘Medium’ COVID alert level.

We need your help to stop the spread of the virus, so please continue following national public health guidance this half term.

Remember ‘hands, face, space’ and the Rule of 6: which means no large gatherings indoors or outdoors.

Let’s all work together to Keep Hampshire Safe. Thank you.

Food Bank

We are still taking donations for the food bank, which you can drop off on the trolley outside the main reception doors.

Thank you so much to all those of you who have donated so generously already. It's really been so positive for our Frogmore family to come together in support of our local community in this way.

The current shortages are: Sponge pudding, custard, rice pudding, long life juice, toothbrushes, long life milk, sugar, washing powder/liquid (small packs), adult toothbrushes, men's deodorant, tinned peas, tinned carrots, hand soap and hot dogs.

Message from the Attendance & Welfare Officer

A polite reminder that the disabled spaces in our car park are for those parents/carers, staff and visitors to use if they are holders of a disabled blue badge. These badges should be displayed in the window at all times. Thank you.

Library News


Fortunately the UK is no longer in the business of banning books but by 1982, books were being challenged so frequently in the USA that several free speech organisations worked together to

launch Banned Books Week (27th September – 3rd October) which is an annual celebration of the freedom to read. In the last issue of the Froghorn we explained how to borrow books from the library, but here’s a reminder. Just follow these steps, and we will deliver books to you to read and enjoy.

Step 1 – Go to www.readingcloud.net which is our library management system

Step 2 – Type in your user name, password, and school (N.B. All students have accounts for Reading Cloud. If you don’t know your details, please email a.livingstone@frogmorecollege.co.uk )

Step 3 – Enter the title of the book or author name in the search bar

Step 4 – Find the book you are looking for from the list and click on it

Step 5 – Click on Reserve → Reserve at School

The book(s) selected will then be checked out to you and delivered after the required 72 hours quarantine.

When you have finished with the book, or when the four week loan period is up, simply pop the book(s) into the book returns box, located just inside the library.

If you need longer than four weeks for your borrowed item(s), just log in to your Reading Cloud account, click on the “Account” tab on the homepage, and renew the required items in the Current Loans list.

You can also access Reading Cloud via their app, called iMLS. It is free to download from the App Store, Google Play and Windows Store.


The school has a fantastic eBook platform, and every student has their own account that they can log in to and read, or listen to, the brilliant range of books available. If you’d like your login details, please email a.livingstone@frogmorecollege.co.uk and they will be emailed to you. The log in details for both the eBooks and Reading Cloud are the same.

Here is the link to the website for you to have a browse:


If you have any books that are overdue, please return them by posting them in the Book Returns box just inside the library doors. If you’d like to contact us, please email: a.livingstone@frogmorecollege.co.uk or j.stevenson@frogmorecollege.co.uk

Although the library is currently out of bounds for most students, we are planning for all KS3 students to have a reading lesson once a fortnight, either in the library (year 7) or in their classroom (years 8 and 9). For these lessons, students may either bring a book from home or borrow a book from the boxes of age-appropriate books we have put together for each English class and which will be available during the reading lesson. Alternatively, a student might like to have a look at the recommended reads lists under the library section of the website, which has now been updated. We also have a list of fiction books that relate to curriculum subjects (e.g. history) and a list of which books and authors may appeal to fans of certain genres (e.g. horror or romance).

To follow us on Twitter and our new Instagram account, click on the button below:


Fundraising News

Easyfundraising: Did you know you could be raising a free donation for Frogmore Community College every time you shop at retailers such as Amazon, John Lewis and Sainsbury's who will donate a percentage of the amount you spend? It's really simple, and it doesn't cost you anything.

We have now raised over £1158 since joining this scheme.

Please sign up and help us raise even more.

All you have to do is:

1. Go to http://www.easyfundraising.org.uk/causes/frogmorecomcoll

2. Sign up for free

3. Get shopping. Donations will be collected and automatically sent to us. It couldn't be easier. There are no catches or hidden charges and we would be really grateful for your donations. Thanks for your support.

Congratulations to Mrs Holmes, winner of the September PTA 50/50 club.


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